Zoom cloud meeting is a virtual subscription-based application, that enables the users to conduct meetings, classes, conferences, webinars, video conferencing, online. It is available as a webpage and as an application. In this pandemic crisis, online platforms became essential for our day-to-day life, Zoom Cloud Meeting has become one of the major platforms throughout the world for conducting online meetings. It provides high-quality video, audio, and other features, enables the users to explore much and more than any other platform.

Zoom cloud meeting is now available in Fire-stick.  some users may find it uneasy to attend zoom cloud meetings with their mobile phone, pc, or laptops. Fire-stick enables the users to attend the meeting conveniently from their television.

zoom Cloud Meeting on Firestick

Requirements to start zoom cloud meeting

There are some primary things needed for starting a Zoom cloud meeting. They are followed,

  • It is essential to check the network connection and make sure you get an uninterrupted network connection. poor network will bring unwanted hindrance during the meeting.
  • Make sure your tv has a front camera or make use of a web camera,  check the connectivity before using it.
  • make use of good quality mike and speaker to enhance the sound and for better clarity.

How to Install Zoom cloud Meeting in FireStick?

  1. go to the search bar on the Fire-stick home screen

firestick home

  1. with help of a remote or on-screen keyboard type zoom cloud meeting

search firestick

  1. among the search results, you can find zoom cloud meeting, click it


  1. then select get icon on next screen
  2. the app will take some time to download after download go back to the home screen
  3. among the apps, you can find zoom cloud meeting, click the icon and you can start your zoom meeting.

How to Start Zoom cloud meeting in FireStick?

There are various steps involved in creating a zoom cloud meeting in firestick. firstly one should create a zoom cloud meeting, should log in in order to share the link, and should know how to cast it on the tv with help of firestick.

How to Create a Zoom Cloud account/ how to log in to a zoom cloud meeting? 

In order to start a zoom cloud meeting, firstly one should have a zoom id and be logged in

#step 1:visit the zoom cloud meet official website or go to the zoom cloud app

step 2: click the sign-in option

#step 3: create a zoom account with your Google account or with your Facebook account

step 4: furnish all essential details and click enter. you are signed-in into your zoom account

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How to Create a meeting link and set up a meeting?

A meeting link should be created beforehand to start a meeting

#step 1: log in to your zoom cloud meeting link

Step- 2: few options would appear, among them select the NEW MEETING option to host/start a meeting.

#step3: after clicking that you will be in the virtual video gathering room, at the bottom you can find the option INVIT click it

step 4: a new tab will be opened with various options to share the link : like e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. select one among them and share it.

#step 5: you can prepare a list of people to attend the meeting and can send the invitation to them.

step 6: when recipients enter you should permit them to enter. At the end of the meeting, you can remove all and end the meeting.

How to Set Up Zoom App For Firestick

In order to cast a Zoom cloud meeting on your television; firstly, you need to make a few settings on the Firestick.

These settings should be done before casting,

  1. check if the Firestick is plugged to your television.
  2.  log on to the device.
  3. check your TV and Firestick are linked to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  4. press and hold the HOME button On your Firestick remote, you find a  list of options appear on your TV screen.
  5.  select the MIRRORING option a message will appear on the screen saying- “WHILE THIS SCREEN IS OPEN, GUEST DEVICES CAN WIRELESSLY MIRROR THEIR DISPLAY TO: your name FIRE TV STICK.” It means you are ready to mirror/cast via your fire stick.

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ZoomClous Meeting provides various subscription plans. It offers free meetings for a duration of 40 minutes, up to 100 participants can join in at a time, if the time limit or participants exceeds the limits then the user must pay and get a plan accordingly. we are in hard times, there is a great shift from offline mode to online. we are forced to adapt ourselves to these new conditions. Fire-stick with zoom cloud meetings will help you to adapt to new means in an enjoyable way.

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