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YouTube TV Picture in Picture- How to Turn On (& Limitations)

YouTube TV picture-in-picture (PiP) support is accessible to endorsers, however, there are a few constraints to know about, including which gadgets support the element & the substance that can be utilized in PiP mode.

YouTube TV Picture in Picture
YouTube TV Picture in Picture

YouTube TV has demonstrated to be a well-known choice for customers in the US hoping to cut the rope. While the cost has ceaselessly expanded throughout the long term, so have the highlights & advantages included with the base arrangement. Picture-in-picture is one of the more up to date highlights to show up, yet it is still genuinely restricted.

Because of this, seeing how YouTube TV’s image in-picture mode works is significant for all current supporters & those considering joining to the help interestingly. This is particularly the situation for avid supporters who hope to have the option to observe more than one game simultaneously.

YouTube TV PiP gadget support

The primary thing to know about YouTube TV’s PiP is that it’s not accessible on numerous gadgets. As of the present moment, PiP must be empowered on Android cell phones & cell phones. In addition to the fact that this rules out iPhone, iPad & Mac gadgets, yet additionally PCs, work areas, streaming players, set-top boxes, & savvy TVs, remembering any running for Android TV.

As such, on the off chance that not utilizing an Android telephone or tablet to get to YouTube TV, don’t anticipate having the option to utilize PiP mode. While Android TV is Android, YouTube TV as of now just offers PiP to gadgets running the portable form of the working framework.

This may change in the future with extra Android & other stage gadgets acquiring support, yet right now there’s no authority word on when extra help will go live.

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How to empower YouTube TV PiP

Giving the endorser is utilizing an Android cell phone, empowering picture-in-picture is genuinely simple to do. This is an application-based advantage, so notwithstanding an upheld gadget, endorsers will likewise have to have the YouTube TV application downloaded. From here, PiP mode can be turned on/off through the application’s settings menu.

picture in picture enable
picture in picture enable

Turning YouTube TV PiP on/off:

Step-1: In the first progression, Open the YouTube TV application.

Step-2: In the second progression, click on the profile symbol (upper right end).

Step-3: Afterwards, click on Settings choice.

Step-4: In this progression, Choose Picture in Picture choice.

Step-5:  Now, enable on (or off) the Permit Picture in Picture.

Subscribers can’t stream 2 live TV channels

Other than the absence of stage & gadget support, there’s additionally the issue of stream support. While some may accept that PiP permits them to observe all more than two channels while not the situation. All things being equal, Google & YouTube planned picture-in-picture to be a way for gadget proprietors to utilize a second application while proceeding to observe live TV.

picture in picture allow
picture in picture allow

When empowered, picture-in-picture decreases the YouTube TV application player down to a more modest window. This then, at that point permits the gadget client to keep watching a film, program, or live occasion, while utilizing their gadget for different things, including getting to other applications.

Thus, there are no choices for utilizing picture-in-picture to watch two YouTube TV recordings simultaneously. For instance, the YouTube TV application can’t be opened in 2 unique windows & any endeavour to dispatch the application while PiP mode is empowered will return the client back to the video that is as of now playing.

Truth be told, PiP mode doesn’t permit gadget clients to watch recordings in 2 distinctive applications simultaneously. For instance, while Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming feature application can be dispatched & explored while utilizing YouTube TV’s PiP, in the event that they endeavour to play a video in another application, the YouTube TV video will naturally quit playing. In like manner, hitting play again on the PiP video will cause the other application to stop the video.

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YouTube TV picture-in-picture outline

YouTube TV endorsers can utilize an image in-picture mode to watch recordings & live TV channels, yet the capacity is seriously restricted both as far as gadget backing and ease of use. As of now, picture-in-picture must be formally empowered on cell phones & cell phones running Android.

Likewise, YouTube TV’s PiP isn’t for web-based 2 diverse live TV channels simultaneously, however for getting to other applications on a cell phone while real-time live TV, on request recordings, or cloud DVR accounts. Despite the fact that PiP works while utilizing other streaming applications, trying to play one more video simultaneously will cause the YouTube TV video to quit playing.


You can Turn on the YouTube TV PiP by the above strategy. I hope the above-given steps are useful for you.

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