How to Install RTE Player on Firestick?

RTE Player on Firestick is today’s topic. If you have an Amazon Firestick Streaming device at your home and looking for an excellent streaming service to install on your device, read this entire article to get the guidelines step-by-step to stream on Firestick.

How to Install RTE Player on Firestick

  • What is RTE Player on Firestick? 
  • How to Install and Watch RTE Player on Firestick?

These two primary topics teach you the compatibility and the installation process of the RTE Player on your Firestick streaming device.

What is RTE Player on Firestick?

RTE Player was a streaming device it streams the live television content on the RTE Television service. The Irish public media broadcaster provided this service

Unfortunately, the RTE Player was not applicable on the Amazon Fire TV or Firestick device. But do not worry about that because we have another way of streaming the RTE Player on your Firestick device. Follow the instructions we have given in the next topic.

How to Install and Watch RTE Player on Firestick?

As discussed above, the RTE Player streaming service was not available on the Fire Stick TV device. So, I will assist you in streaming this service on your Firestick device using:

✅ Screen Mirroring 

We are applying this method with the help of your Smartphone. Let’s see the guidelines in the steps.

Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources:

First, we have some procedures to do the screen mirroring on your Smart TV display. Read the steps, and then you will understand the process.

👉Step 1: ( Internet Connection )

Connect your Firestick streaming device with your Smart TV HDMI port and bind it with the Standard Wi-Fi network.

👉Step 2: ( Settings )

Go to the Fire Stick device settings section using your device controller.

👉Step 3: ( My Fire TV )

Click on the My Fire TV option on the settings page.

👉Step 4: ( Device )

You have to tap the Device option in the My Fire TV menu.

👉Step 5: ( Developer Options )

Then, please move to the Developer option and click on it to the next step.

👉Step 6: ( Enable ABD Debugging )

We have two options in the Developer options; first, we go with the ABD Debugging option and Enable it.

👉Step 7: ( Developer Option )

Then, get back to the developer options page on your Fire Stick TV device.

👉Step 8: ( Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources )

Now select the second option on the developer options page and Turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources section.

Install RTE Player on Android:

The second step is we going to install the RTE Player streaming service on your Android Smartphone device. Read the given steps in this article.

👉Step 1: ( Connect )

Set your Android and Firestick in the same network source.

👉Step 2: ( Web Browser )

Open the web browser you are using on your Android device to search for the required content.

👉Step 3: ( Search )

Click on the URL bar and browse for the RTE Player apk download on the given search field.

👉Step 4: ( Install )

Go to the downloads at your web browser on your Android device and tap on the downloaded RTE Player link to install it on your device.

Install Apps2Fire on Android or iPhone:

This is the next step of installing the RTE Player on Firestick. You can use your handheld devices to do this process; we have taken the Android device to show you the demo.

👉Step 1: ( Set Internet )

First, you have to merge your Android and Fire Stick devices into a similar Wi-Fi network source.

👉Step 2: ( Google Play Store )

Visit the Google Play Store in-built on your Android phone and tap on the search icon.

👉Step 3: ( Search )

Type and search for the Apps2Fire app on the respective search section.

Apps2Fire on Google Play Store

👉Step 4: ( Install )

You have to pick the app from the search result and tap on the Install key to get it on your Android device.

👉Step 5: ( Open )

After installing the Apps2Fire app on your Firestick device, you can open it on your home screen.

👉Step 6: ( Copy IP Address ) 

Go to the Firestick device and copy your Firestick IP Address to the clipboard.

👉Step 7: ( Paste )

Paste the copied IP Address in the Apps2Fire service home page.

Enter IP Address on Apps2Fire

After copying the IP address on the Apps2Fire app, your Android device and Firestick device got connected.

👉Step 8: ( Local Apps )

Go to the Local Apps section on the Apps2Fire app and scroll down on the screen.

Local Apps on Apps2Fire

👉Step 9: ( RTE Player )

Please search for the RTE Player in the Local Apps list and click on it to Install the RTE Player on Firestick device.

Install RTE Player on Apps2Fire

👉Step 10: ( Apps and Channels )

Now head towards the Apps and Channels section on your Fire Stick device, open the installed RTE Player on your Fire TV Stick, and enjoy watching your favourite shows in the RTE Player streaming service.

Apps and Channels in Firestick

An Alternative Method to Install and Watch RTE Player on Firestick:

We use the Apps2Fire service to get the RTE Player on your Amazon Firestick device in the above method. We will use the Downloader app to get the required assistance on your Amazon Firestick device.

👉Step 1: ( Amazon App Store )

Go to the Amazon App Store on your Amazon Fire Stick device and click on the search icon.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Find the Downloader app in the given search field.

👉Step 3: ( Download )

Please select the right app and hit the Download button to get it on your Fire Stick device.

👉Step 4: ( Open New Tab )

At the new tab on your Fire Stick device, open the web browser you are using to search the content from the internet.

👉Step 5: ( Search download link )

Browse for the RTE Player apk download link from the available source.

👉Step 6: ( Paste )

At the home page of the Downloader app, click on the URL bar and paste the copied RTE Player downlaod link in the given space.

👉Step 7: ( Install )

After pasting the download link in the URL bar in the Downloader app, select the Get button to move to the installation process.

Then, your screen shows you the Installation window, and you have to tap on the Install option to launch the installed RTE Player app on your Firestick device.

The Final Note:

I hope you got your essential points from our article. Today we discussed How to Install and Watch RTE Player on Firestick. The RTE Player on Firestick was possible by using the Screen Mirroring method. You can not install this service directly from the Amazon App Store on your Fire TV Stick device.

If you need any additional information or clarifications on the g given information, you can ask them in the respective comment box. I will send you the answer and required supplementary information for your questions and suggestions as soon as possible.

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