reset firestick without remote or wifi

In today’s world, streaming services play a significant role in the amazon firestick devices and more. The complex tech devices are mainly used to store data, which gets slower over time. When you could save the memory with the caches or RAMs, it also starts to fill up all kinds of devices to slow down. When you face similar issues with your firestick device, it also follows some steps to make the reset process with your factory settings option. In this passage, we are going to talk about how to reset firestick without remote or wifi.

reset firestick without remote or wifi

How to Done the Factory Reset Firestick with Remote?

In that process, find the settings menu on your amazon firestick home screen and then make the selection of that process. You could also access the other types of settings when you could press the “home” button on your remote for five or other more seconds.

  • Make the selection with your device with some setting options. It considers the older ones, also called the device or system. Some of the newer devices and then it named as my fire tv.
  • Scroll down with the Factory reset firestick without remote or wifi option and then select it again. Now, you also need to enter the proper pin with the initial purchase or another setup of fire tv.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the entire process.
  • You do not need to unplug the device and wait for that process to complete the entire process. It usually takes some minutes to complete to get the progression. And it is also displayed on your TV screen.
  • You also need to perform the reset firestick without remote or wifi operation by pressing the back button and in the right part of other directional buttons available here. When you press them simultaneously will make the alert option with your firestick. At the same time, it sends a pop-up message on your screen.
  • You could make the confirmation the reset option with the help of the on-screen instructions. It also takes a couple of other ways to make the reset firestick without remote or wifi process without the help of the internet connection.

Reset Firestick Without Remote or Wifi

that process, you need to reset the firestick without the remote or other stable wifi connection. This app is one of the more straightforward methods and utilizes the wifi option as well as possible. You try to use the standard tv remote of your firestick remote, and it mainly uses the HDMI-CEC technology to make the pairing process. The standard remote is more than enough for the firestick. That option is mainly available on some TVs only.

It would be best to try to power cycle on your firestick twice to start faster. It would be best if you also borrowed the firestick. When you did not like these purchases for the new one, then you could move for the further process.

Connect Keyboard With Your TV

Using the HDMI-CEC is considered one of the preferable ways to reset your firestick without the remote control or other wifi if you do not need to have the remote for your tv or other ways.

  1. The main thing is you need to make the factory-reset firestick without remote or wifi option in your fire tv.
  2. And the exact process mainly varies from tv to tv. It simply involved googling for your tv model and other factory reset process without the remote.
  3. Now, you could make the tv reset firestick without remote or wifi process and then plug the USB keyboard into your television. And the keyboard is wired or wireless, but both could work very well.
  4. And it would help if you used the keyboard to complete the tv set up, and you could get to the proper network setup screen. Then type the wifi network name and another password of that process.

How to Fire TV app as Temporary Remote?

Now you need to use the TV to connect to the internet, and you also need to use the fire tv app as the temporary remote. Start your downloading process with the free amazon fire tv application. And then download the app to do the proper search with your amazon fire tv with your google. Once you download the promotion, you can follow several setup steps here. It displays the 4 digits for your fire tv. You also need to enter some digital into the app to make the connection.

Make the connection with the Ethernet cable on your router and TV

When you have the keyboard, then you need the ethernet cable right. And it would be best if you also did excellent work.

  • First, you need to plug the end of your ethernet cable, which is on the ethernet port of your fire tv.
  • Make the plug and another end of your ethernet cable for the straightforward process with your router.
  • You could turn the tv off or on again with your stage, then use the power button at the back of your tv. This tv mainly shows the proper recognization with your wired connection.
  • An excellent connection to the internet leads the server to a further stage.
  • Now you need to connect with your proper internet connection.
  • Make the connection with firestick, which mainly depends upon the router close to your tv. And it has a long ethernet cable which is also worth getting. Furthermore, if you want to know the trending apps on firestick then refer to Top 27 Best Firestick Apps for Watch Trending Movies, Tv shows and more.

Reset the Fire TV Remote App

It would help if you also found the proper fire tv remote apps for both Android devices and iOS. Amazon mainly helps to work with fire tv sticks on your television.

  • First, you need to download the fire tv app on your iPhone or another android.
  • Ensure the android is another firestick TV when you use the wifi network if you need the fire tv stick when it pops up in the application.
  • Press on it, and you also need to use the four-digit code when it displays on your tv screen.
  • Now, you could also need to enter a four-digit code, which also shows on the tv screen. In addition to this, if you want to know the firestick updates then refer to Latest Firestick Updates

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How force to restart amazon firestick?

The firestick home screen mainly appears with your amazon tv when you can turn on the process. You are mainly required to restart the fire tv by scrolling down and pressing the My fire tv in your settings. It would help if you also held the home button for a few seconds on your remote control.

2. How to do the Manual Reset for Firestick?

When you want to reset the firestick with factory settings in your process, you need to open the fire tv menu and then use the button shortcut to do something. When you reset firestick without remote or wifi, you can remove all kinds of personal data, downloaded apps and other preferences. And you are also able to fix the glitch in your firestick to make the resetting process.

3. How to do a factory reset with a firestick?

First, you must turn on the firestick and then the tv for 10 seconds. Then hold the back button and another right directional button. Now, you can see the pop-up message when it asks you to reset firestick without remote or wifi your device. Then you also need to press the reset option and wait a few minutes to complete the entire process.

4. How to Reprogram on firestick without a remote?

Make sure that you can connect with the proper hotspot. The firestick mainly connects with the hotspot and works in the usual order. You are also able to control your firestick and other types of connections. Furthermore, you also need to connect the device with other new wifi and use the settings options.

Bottom Line:

I hope this passage gives lots of exciting things about how to reset firestick without remote or wifi. There are different types of techniques explained in this passage. Follow the proper instructions, and you will quickly recover from these issues.

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