This article deals with the Pluto tv on Roku tv: its installation, application, and other related. It is especially for Pluto tv users.

Pluto tv an online video-on-demand platform, which offers videos, live streams, documentaries, over 1000+ movies offers 100+ channels. Users can download the application with the apple play store or google play store. Pluto tv is available in the Roku channel store for free. Roku tv users can make use of Pluto tv for high-quality content which is provided free of cost.

List of the Channel provided by Pluto tv

  • NBC
  • CBSN
  • CNET
  • CNN
  • Pluto TV Action
  • Fuse TV
  • ESPN
  • Fuse TV
  • Pluto TV Kids
  • HULU

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How to Install Pluto tv on Roku tv?

  1. Go to Roku home page
  2. Click the streaming channel
  3. type Pluto tv in the search bar in the Roku channel store
  4. Find the Pluto tv among the results, and click it
  5. Press get it or download, it will few minutes to download

How to Activate the Pluto tv?

  1. On your Roku home screen, go to channels
  2. select and open Pluto tv
  3. an activation code will appear in the screen copy that
  4. open the official website of Pluto tv either on your computer or on your phone
  5. enter the Pluto tv activation code and click go
  6. choose appropriate plan

How to Mirror Pluto tv on Roku tv from mobile or computer?

On your Roku tv 

step1: go to setting in your Roku home page

step2: select system setting and click screen mirroring

step3: switch on-screen mirroring mode

step4: select prompt icon

On your streaming device

  • Go the setting
  • press connection and cast
  • turn on the cast option, it will search for a nearby device
  • among the list select your Roku tv
  • Your device has started mirroring
  • choose Pluto tv and mirror it on Roku tv

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Towards end

It is very easy to add Pluto tv. The quality of the picture and content they develop and give us is unimaginable for free of cost If you use an authorized VPN service you can get access to various programs, movies from various regions of the earth,

Frequently Asked questions

If Pluto tv is accessible throughout the world?

Yes, users can view pluto tv from all the continents. It also has contents with a global spectrum.

Is DVR is available on Pluto tv?

No, DVR is not available on Pluto tv.

What are the best features and drawbacks of Pluto tv?

Features of Pluto tv are

  • Pluto tv offers all of its content for free
  • It gives you numerous contents from various brands

Cons of pluto tv

  • DVR facility is not available: users cannot download and watch videos offline.
  • only limited brands are available
  • Most of the contents are from tv channels

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