Philo tv is an online video-on-demand live streaming platform, which gives high-quality content. It gives viewers plans based on subscriptions, it also a free trial for a period of time. Users can view live stream channels, or old saved channels, recordings, etc, according to their plans and subscriptions.  Philo tv is now available on fire-stick. Users can view Philo tv on Fire-stick by downloading or streaming the app.

Devices that support Philo tv

Philo tv is available in the google android play store and also in apple’s ios play store. users can download Plo tv from the amazon app store also. Devices that support Philo tv are as follows,

  • android tv
  • apple tv
  • web browsers on pc and ios
  • fire tv
  • Roku


Features of Philo tv

Philo tv gives features like,

DVR(Digitial video recorder)

With help of DVR, users can record and save videos. They can play forward or backward and watch the videos without any commercials. with this feature, users can save as many videos as they like and can save them for a time period of 30 days.

Fast forward to commercials

like any other online streaming platform, Philo tv also shows commercials of products and brands. it gives a special feature called fast forward. with that viewers can skip the commercials.

On-demand platform

Philo tv is an on-demand platform. it has 35000+ video content. Viewers can find these contents with tag VOD attached to that video.

costs and plans in Philo tv

Philo tv is a cheap and affordable channel. It costs only $20 per month. Users initially can pay $9  and can enjoy watching. The cost of Philo tv on fire-stick is the same.

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How to Install the Philo Tv App on Firestick?

step1: go to the home window of firestick

step2: type Philo tv on the search bar

Step 3: select  Philo tv from the given recommendations

step 4: click download to install the app

after some minutes the app will be installed. you can view it on your home screen

How to sign in to the Philo Tv on Firestick?

In order to enjoy the contents provided by Philo tv, firstly one should sign in and should have an account in Philo tv. Steps involving in creating an account in Philo tv are

step 1: go to Philo tv app on the home screen of firestick

step 2: select the free trial option in the bottom

step3: type your phone number. 

step 4: Philo tv app has sent a verification code to your mobile number. Click it in your mobile

step 5: select confirm sign-up button in the firestick tv

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Philo tv is one of the budding online channels, with reserves hopes for the future by their quality-oriented content and customer-friendly approaches. It charges very low. Firestick users can make avail of Philo tv and enjoy watching Philo tv on firestick.

Frequently asked questions

Does Philo tv support a gaming facility?

No, right now Philo tv does not support gaming facilities. In near future, it can give access to games.

whether it is possible to connect Philo tv with some other devices at a time?

yes, it is possible. Philo tv can be connected and streamed simultaneously on three devices. It is necessary to have a suitable package.

How many profiles can one create on Philo tv?

with an account, you can create up to 10 profiles.

Does Philo tv provide videos of high quality?

yes, of course, Philo tv gives videos with 4k quality audio and video.

Whether local channels are available on the Philo tv?

No Philo tv has no local channels. It is the major difference between other streaming platforms like youtube and Philo tv. Philo tv provides only 68 channels. It is a streamlined channel. It is trying to add some new channels.

Does Philo tv require High-speed internet?

Philo tv provides quality content. It requires a specific level of the internet in order to provide good quality videos and audio. The quality of video varies according to the speed of the internet.

  • In order to watch SD(standard definition) videos, you need 1.5 Mbps+
  • In order to watch HD(High definition) videos, you need 5.0 Mbps+

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