Nowadays, multiple types of trends and techniques introduce online. In this way, the Amazon firestick is more prevalent in the market. With the help of the amazon firestick, you could also watch any streaming service on your Television. But some of the causes, you receive the no sound issue on firestick tv. In this passage, you can understand how to solve the no sound on firestick.

Why no sound on your firestick tv?

Firstly, you could need to understand the reasons behind this Firestick no working issue. It is the most general issue in the Firestick, and it is also quickly resolved. If you were using the wrong fire tv stick or other incorrect tv speaker or other system settings, it might be a result of this issue. When you switch with the incorrect tv or another speaker, it automatically turns on the mute option or connects with the headphones. Furthermore, the Firestick Dolby digital plus settings also cause this issue.

Power Supply Plugging issues

When your video or audio connection fails, you are also facing this issue. Most users connect the Firestick to the wrong USB power cord or directly to our tv. It was not the proper method to connect the Firestick with your tv directly because the tv is not giving sufficient power to the users. It would be best to connect the Firestick directly with the supply port. At the same time, the excellent establishment also plays a significant role in this no sound on firestick process.

Make the Restart Process on your Firestick

The restarting issue is generally an appearing issue of the fire stick. And the restarting process gives better results than the simple process. A temporary connection makes your screen freeze, and it also does not gets the proper Sound. This simple restarting process makes solving all kinds of related problems more straightforwardly.

The setting option gives users a better result. You also need to select your device with the complete process. Furthermore, the restart button is also involved in rechecking the device’s operation.

Check if TV is in Audio mute mode

It was another standard process, and it turned off the Sound on the firestick tv. In this process, your audio system sound needs to check your tv set. You also need to press the remote control button in your audio system to check the Sound. Sometimes, a little carelessness also causes this issue in no sound on firestick issue.

FIx issue on Audio Receiver

Check whether your audio receiver is properly working or not. It is quite a simple process, and it also gives you better results to you. You also need to check the audio receiver button, and it also resolves any kinds of confusion in your audio problem. It is similarly also involved with the AV receiver, and now you might be watching the Sound of your process.

Check All HDMI connections of the firestick tv

The proper connection is a major needed thing for the firestick connection. The users make sure you connect correctly with all types of HDMI ports. When you get any errors, you also need to check the HDMI connection. You also need to check the HDMI extension of your system connected with the help of the proper fixing techniques.

In this process, your need to unplug your HD connection with the proper connection. Wait for a few seconds when you unplug your system device. The proper connection is a significant step to involved with your Television. Now you are ready to restart your device again. When you are involved with the HDMI inputs for the selection, it also had a better involvement with this operation.

How to extend the Sound of the system?

In this process, you extend the Sound of your system on the fire tv. With the help of some simple steps, you also resolve these challenging issues in your firestick tv.

  • Input and output are needed to overcome this problem with the proper connection. First of all, you need to check the firestick attachment of your TV. Then, you might complete the process of your HD connection. Nd the sound receiver also sends the proper signal to your tv with the output signal.
  • Use different types of sound cable for your tv with the proper engagement on your firestick tv. A blue colour cable is needed to connect with the blue port, and the red colour cable needs to connect to the red colour port.
  • It would help if you came into the remote control and other setting options. And it would help if you also turned on the output option. The different types of tv sets involve the major firestick issues, which resolves with that process.

Check HDMI port with compatible Audio

  • The HDMI port is sometimes not compatible with the sound system’s port. It also had a more common reason for no sound issues on your amazon firestick.
  • Make the right click of your sound volume icon in your settings options.
  • When you complete the process, you might see the menu, and you also need to press the playback device here.
  • Now you get the option of digital output devices or your HDMI operations.
  • Still, you need to set the default options hereafter pressing the Sound. Now, you hear the proper Sound in your firestick

How to check the AV receiver?

Some of the times the user might forget to check the receiver’s Sound. With zero volume, you cannot receive the proper Sound in your system. With the help of simple techniques, you quickly check your receiver in your system. If you see that mute option, then increase the volume of your system.

Give the Perfect Input 

The users also have an instructor to give the perfect input on their Television your tv. M st of the time, the users give the input with the wrong port. The ports are always confusing you. T  solve this confusion, you need to check the manual guide and manual steps. W en you complete the step by step process, the perfect establishment also presents the correct connection for fire stick staring and no sound on firestick working issue. Moreover, if you want to know the firestick updates just refer to Latest Firestick Updates | Help Guide.

Verify cable connection in your Television

The users also need to verify the cable connection with your teTelevisionnd and other functions more appropriately. If it does not matter, work properly,n you need to take more care of all types of connections. B cause every port and connection are also playing an important role. Check and give the proper input for getting the better outputs of your Firestick.

  • For verifying the cable connections, you need to check the HDMI connection with other external audio cables.
  • Move to the other HDMI connection cable when the older is quite old of your process.
  • Make the overturn the connector ends then you will see that it works in a proper way.

Test all kinds of Internal speaker to avoid no sound issue

The users also need to provide the internal speakers with the perfect option of ON or OFF options of the process. T e audio section is also found in the setting option. Y, you also confirm the speaker’s internal type, always ON. If it is not in ON, then turn on this and you also solve the firestick problem is quickly resolved.

How to upgrade the Software system?

Amazon is available with multiple types of updates from time to time of the initial settings and other updates. The no sound also helps to problem start and you may easily overcome the problem by always keeping the device.

  • You need to access the Firestick tv home screen and then you can select settings in that process.
  • Now you may select the “system” and select the “About” option. You also need to select the “software version” and then press the ” check for system update” option.

Move to Optical Audio from the current cable

Here, you will use another optical audio cable to solve this issue. The audio optical cable also helps to extend the signal. w en you move with another cable it may solve this issue.

Resolution issue on Firestick

Sometimes, the resolution makes these kinds of errors in your firestick tv. It is related to the power source transfer of your needed resolution. The proper resolution comes with 1080 resolution. You also need to set the power based upon the default mode. 

Do the uninstall and Reinstall process on Apps

The problem involved with the Firestick such as no audio, haunting issues and all kinds of uninstalling applications. The reinstall connects internal space with the largely emptied one and it gives the proper accomplishment.

When you come to the home screen with a single click on your settings. And you easily get the applications in your process. Once you get the application then press the install process. Delete the app and then remove it. Wait some time, then you again install the application, and it is also considered the updated and new version of MX player.


Hope you that this passage gives a better explanation of the how-to solves no sound on firestick issues on Firestick. When you hear these issues then you just do the above process then you could easily solve these problems. And it is also easier to do; it gives more support to the number of other amazon’s official sites.

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