Here is the complete guide on How to watch Netflix Party on Firestick. Let us discuss this article elaborately below.

Netflix Party on Firestick
Netflix Party on Firestick

Netflix party brings you to stream various Movies, Videos and Shows online in complete sync. Also, you can stream with your long-distance friends or families with great accompaniment. You can host/ join Netflix to stream parties combine with your families and friends.

For the Chrome extension on google, the chrome party is straightforward, and users need to download it from the Chrome extension store, which is available officially. Also, you can Chat with more people like group conversations with video playback sync.

Nowadays, it is the biggest entertainment hub. Moreover, many streaming apps started to launch their feature named Watch party. The chrome extension is currently rebranded as a Tele party. You can stream it over PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. It is also available only on Netflix.

About Amazon Firestick:

Amazon firestick is an online video streaming platform device from the market. It has a small flash drive, making the ordinary TV into Smart TV. Firestick is an excellent device among the home entertainments technologies.

You need to set up the latest firestick on your Smart TV HDMI, and you can control it by using the Firestick remote. The Subscribers can utilise the free trial, and also you can pay and subscribe after the free trial. Users may watch more content like movies, TV shows, Sports, Games, Music, etc.

Firestick is easy to carry wherever you want and anywhere to stream. Subscribers can also watch most admired services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.

How to stream Netflix Party over Firestick Device?

You can get this Netflix party by using some procedures.

  1. Please turn on the Firestick device using its remote.
  2. You can see more apps from that Amazon Firestick Home page by default.

Amazon Firestick Home

3. Find the Chrome browser on the search tab.

4. If you don’t have a Chrome browser, you should download it from the App store.

5. Search for Chrome web store and click Search in store.

6. Then type Netflix Party and get it.

7. Go to the Netflix party to get the Add to chrome icon.

8. Tap to Add to chrome and then Add extension option.

Add to chrome on device

9. Finally, the chrome browser will add an extension from it.

10. Beside the Address bar, the app will be situated.

How to set up Netflix Party on Firestick?

  1. Visit the Chrome browser and go to the new tab.
  2. Search for Netflix Website and then click to access it.
  3. You need to log in with your credentials.

Netflix Website

4. Finally, you may watch whatever is in it.

5. After the video plays, the NP icon changes.

NP icon

6. When you get a pop-up, hit the NP icon Logo.

7. You can choose the option like if you want to control the videos, the user may set up the Only I have Control.

8. Then hit the button Start the party.

button on Start the party

9. You will get a Unique URL. You can copy it and share it with your friends or families.

10. Your friend or family may use that link. Both of them can watch the same videos on separate screens.

11. If you need to stop the party, click on Disconnect.

Features of Netflix Party:

  • The Netflix party provides every content from the services and even through Originals and Exclusives.
  • This app lets you watch the same shows or movies online at home through Netflix parties from you and your friends from long distances. It also brings together our feelings.
  • While you watch the content, you can chat with your friends or families.
  • Users can get multiple shows or movies to stream at the same time.

Features of Netflix Party

  • You can also invite any Netflix party subscribers.
  • You can watch every video content in HD quality.
  • It is ad-free to stream.
  • Subscribers can stream Dolby Vision content.
  • Also, you may be able to watch HDR content.
  • This streaming service is a friendly interface to utilise.
  • There are more than millions of people utilising this extension.

Another way for Netflix Party on Amazon Firestick:

Hulu Watch Party:

Amazon Firestick is combined with Hulu, and users can activate it from two packages.

  • Hulu with ad service
  • Hulu ad-free & Live TV tiers

Subscribers can choose the best plan among the package which they want. Users can stream video playback over eight people. Also, you can chat with your friends or families with whom you are rushing. There is one only restriction in this service: the subscribers should attain an age above 18.

Group Watch:

This group watch is combined with Disney+ Hotstar. At first, you need to make an account of it. Go to the app and search for the Group watch icon. You can send it through a link to up to six people. But in group watch, there is no feature to chat with people. This feature can also be accessed on Smart TVs, smartphones, and iOS.


The squad is a browser-based app that shares a screen, and it doesn’t need a log-in option. You can share your screen by using your voice prompt or through youtube weblink. It is well known for the movie party combined with a great experience. You can video chat and stream movies with your loved one is up to nine people.


Netflix is a comprehensive streaming service that may include many features all over the streaming platforms. Netflix Party offers people to watch together movies with their favourite person if they are not nearby. In case troubling to get a Netflix Party, comment below.

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