In this article, we will discuss Firestick, and is there a monthly fee for Firestick?

Why still be outdated with traditional cable connection, when you can shift to OTT Platforms. By OTT Platforms I don’t mean it only for Smart TVs. If you are an existing Television user and want to get rid of boring Cable TV Programs. Then you have a perfect streaming device to replace it and move to OTT platforms. Yes, that streaming device is called the Firestick. Nowadays the price of the Traditional Dumb cable network is also on the increase. When you can shift to OTT platforms and stream both Local TV Programs and Other stuff. Why not?

What is Firestick?

Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices which lets you stream movies and shows by turning your Dumb TV into a Smart TV. Streams all things over the internet without a need for a replacement for Dumb TV. With an existing stable internet or Wi-Fi connection and a TV with an HDMI port, you can stream any apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime using this device.

The only thing you need along with these is a Streaming device, Firestick. With it, you can stream HD Content as 40,000 movies, TV Episodes, and shows to replace expensive cable plans. The more added advantage of Firestick is that you can stream Episodes even in Ultra HD. Apart from this you can also purchase and rent movies without subscribing to any apps.


Firestick’s Working Mechanism

The Firestick by Amazon depends on your Wi-Fi or Stable internet connection. To make it work, you should plug your Firestick into your TV’s HDMI Port. After that it will automatically take you through the Set-Up process, complete it. Then sign in to your Amazon account and start watching your favorite movies and channels and you can also download it.

Any content purchased before will be available on your device as soon as you log in. If you are an Existing Amazon Cloud customer, then you can also view photos on your bigger screen with the help of Firestick. Bluetooth Remote comes along with the Firestick and it has Voice Control also. Voice control makes it easy for you to handle it even without the physical use of a Remote.

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How to Handle a Firestick?

The first step is to download apps even before you start using Amazon’s Firestick. Then you can watch any TV Channels and also stream other entertainment videos. Some offer content for free and others offer premium content with a subscription fee. The apps which require registration process and subscription fees are Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

The apps which do not require any registration process and no subscription fees are Pluto TV, Tubi, and much more. Not only that you can also watch Live TV and sports even without a Traditional cable network. If you prefer watching Live TV and sports then subscribe to Hulu, Sling, YouTube TV, etc. Music also can be streamed through apps like Amazon Music, Spotify, Radio, and so on.

How much does a Firestick Cost?

HD firestick by amazon costs $39.99 on the Amazon website or app. But I would say with deals you can get it for a much cheaper price that is at an affordable cost. During the Prime Day sale, it will be mostly priced at $14.99. But in the case of Amazon Firestick 4K, it is usually priced at $49.99. On deals, you will find it at $25.99.

Amazon Firestick is not only exclusive on Amazon but you could also get on websites like Staples at $39.99, on Target at $24.99.

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Is there a Monthly Subscription For Firestick by Amazon?

First of all, it is a myth. They do not charge any monthly subscription for Amazon Firestick. The only money you will spend is on devices only. But if you have subscribed to apps for a monthly subscription, then you need to pay only for it or else you can enjoy a wide variety of content all for free. Being a Prime member will be the most advantageous in the long run as you can stream most premium content also for free.

The only hitch is that you have to subscribe with a fee for prime membership. A prime membership of amazon costs $119 a year and Prime Student costs only half $59 a year.

Wrapping Up

Why not prefer Amazon’s FireStick when it has lots to offer. From the HD content to a lot of premium shows all at an affordable cost. Only with the device’s cost, you can stream Even Live TV and Sports along with other OTT Stuffs.

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