We also know that the Amazon Firestick and the Peacock app had more popularity in the market. Here, we talk about using and updating the Peacock app in Firestick. This article will discuss “how to update peacock app on firestick” in simple ways.

What is Peacock TV?

The peacock tv is a Universal NBC-based streaming service which gives all kinds of trends to you. It displays the movies, live sports, dramas and then other types of original content to users. There are lots of entertaining streaming services waiting behind the Peacock application.

How Am I Using Peacock TV on Firestick?

You have to watch Peacock TV on your Fire TV stick. Despite the olden days, it had specific recommended ways to access the Peacock on the Fire TV. But still, the peacock tv is now presented as Fire tv, and you easily download any apps on your fire through the app store.

  • First of all, you need to select the Fire tv menu and do the search. Enter the Peacock in your search bar. Then choose the AppStore to search for the peacock tv app.
  • It comes into the search result, then selects the get button to download the peacock tv. When you complete all types of downloads, you might be installing the play button and then opening it.

Steps to Follow to Update the Peacock on Your Firestick

When you download Peacock, you have to choose the automatic updates or other manual updates to the application on your Firestick. With the help of simple steps, we quickly understood “how to update peacock app on firestick“.

  • Firstly, select the setting on the far right of your right side of the menu, then select the applications.
  • After entering into the application page then, select the AppStore.
  • Now you need to select the automatic updates to turn on these features. When you enable these services, it comes up with automatic updates.
  • Coming to the manual updates, it had simple steps to follow. Press the settings and enter into the applications and the app store.
  • Make the selection of automatic updates, then turn it on or off.
  • You have to easily select the peacock app in the menu bar and other apps icon with more updates. Furthermore, it also displays the other recently used apps.
  • Still, it was time to highlight the app and then press the menu button on the Fire tv remote with more information. If you had the updated version, it displays the play icon, which means you need to update the app.

Make the Automatic Updates on the Peacock App

The automatic updates give a helping hand to get more trending updates with installed apps. Here, the Firestick now connects with the wifi.

Issues cause during the Peacock Tv Updation on Firestick.

Some of the time, some issues occur in the adaptation process of peacock tv. You do not need to worry about these issues, understand the reasons and then fix them.

Check the internet connection: when you have a poor internet connection, then you might be facing these issues. It displays the error notification during the process. To solve this problem, then you need to make a stable connection.

Storage capacity of Firestick: The firestick storage capacity is another essential factor for these issues. You need to have a minimum of 8 GB and more capacity to get better access. And it also displays the storage exceeds notifications to you.

Avoid using outdated Firestick: You cannot update the app when using the outdated Firestick. Still, you need to use the latest version of Firestick. At the same time, other applications are easily automatically updated. In addition, some of the users asking that how to use Peacock tv on Smart TV. This process also follows some of the quite simple steps then. You easily use the peacock app on your smart tv.


To sum up, I hope that these steps are also suitable for installing the peacock tv with the Firestick sideloading technique. Furthermore, I explain “how to update peacock app on firestick” with the same procedure for the latest version of the URL peacock tv with the downloader URL box.


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