how to unpair firestick

Nowadays, streaming content plays a significant role in the online world. In this way, the streaming services give better suggestions and trends to the users. Here, the Firestick has had an unreplaceable place in the user’s heart. It helps to use these services with your mobiles and the smart tv. Multiple types of trends and techniques are also involved in this Firestick. But some of the issues also involve the amazon firestick. In this way, the unpair of the Firestick remote is another issue in the firestick tv. Here, we were going to discuss how to unpair firestick remote.

how to unpair firestick

When I unpair the Amazon Firestick?

There are two different types of situations involved in unpair the firestick remote. The first situation says that you also spare the remote and connect with other devices. In this situation, you make the unpairing process with your remote. after the unpairing process, you make the pairing with the new devices. When discussing the second situation, you also make the unpair process with the firestick remote. It involved network connectivity issues, and you quickly know how to unpair firestick remote. Here, in this situation, you also unpair your Firestick remote with the repairing process with other types of devices to solve other connectivity issues.

1. How do unpair the Firestick with One remote?

Before being involved in the how to unpair firestick remote process, you may understand it was more straightforward. You also remember this process only works on the amazon firestick remote and is not applicable for the other ones. With the help of a single remote, you easily unpair the Firestick with simple types of processes. And it is also easier to do with the facile eyes.

Follow the below steps for making the pairing process:

  1. First of all, you need to enter into the settings option, then press the controllers and Bluetooth devices, and then you also need to select the amazon fire tv remotes.
  2. Now, you need to select the remote from the list and press the ☰ button. Choose the remote and do not needs to make the unpair with other types of remotes will unpair process. when you receive any problems with the unplugging

2. How to unpairing the Firestick with the help of Mobile?

It was a more straightforward process to do with the support of your mobile phones. This unpairing is involved an easy to use solution, and it also uses better methods for the unpair process.

  • In this process, first of all, you need to install the Amazon fire tv app with the help of your google play store. Then open the app at once with the installed app.
  • Now make the pairing process with your mobile device with the fire tv, and then you may press the gear button, which is available in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Still, it would help if you went for the controllers and Bluetooth devices in your tv option. Now select the amazon fire tv remotes from your list. All types of devices are also pairs and appear with that screen.
  • Select the remote that it wants to unpair, and then you press the confirm options. Furthermore, you may go to the My fire tv and then give the reset option.
  • The Amazon firestick is now starting the restart process, and the remote is also involved with knowing how to unpair firestick remote and unpairing process in more successful ways.

3. How to pair the new Firestick remote without the help of the old one?

It was another essential process for making the pair of firestick remotes with the new one without the help of the old one. It was quite a simple process to do.

Here, press the settings option, then involve the controllers and Bluetooth devices. Then you can give the amazon fire tv remotes, and you are also involved in adding a new remote with the help of an app from your mobile devices. It was a more straightforward process to do with the help of simple and facile ways. But it would help if you kept in your mind to select the best remote for making these types of processes and other methods. In addition, refer to the Top 27 Best Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies, Tv shows and more to enjoy multiple app features on firestick.


I hope this article gives a better clarification about how to unpair the firestick remote. To sum up, there are plenty of features and trends involved in these processes, which bring you to know how to unpair firestick remote process. There are multiple types of methods available in the process, but still, we take about the well-executed three methods. Follow the above best ways, and then you quickly move with the new one.

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