The firestick plays a significant role in every online user in today’s world. With the help of the firestick, we know you may enjoy the streaming content on your television. But some of the time, you might be encounters some problems with your firestick right. But the most commonly occurred issue is “firestick remote volume not working“. In this article, we discussed how to resolve this issue.

Why is Volume not working on the firestick?

Before seeing the solutions, you might understand the causes that might be involved in the process. Most of the issues are involved with the volume control settings. It involved the device settings during the wrongly selected situation. If you use the wrong HDMI port, then it results in your power is also empty. Many physical objects are also placed in front of the power tv when it becomes empty.

When some physical products place in front of the television, you can not access the television through the remote. Furthermore, the firestick remote also had more conflicts with some wireless devices.

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Check Firestick Remote Batteries 

The batteries also play a crucial role in the remote control. Then you also need to check your remote and batteries when you receive this problem. It was 100% positive, and it also had multiple types of batteries for the working process.

It was quite a simple process, remove the batteries and reinsert the remote. Check whether your television is responding or not for your remote. It would help if you used the spare batteries to get better results.

Comes into Equipment Control Settings 

Here, first of all, you need to come into the television, firestick and then select the settings option. In the equipment control settings, you also need to be involved in the management equipment, and then you also need to add other equipment than the tv.

Follow the detailed on-screen instructions, and then you need to complete the other process. You also need to check the tv with the correct set-up process with the fire stick remote. Coming to the settings, selecting the equipment control, and then managing equipment. Now you need to change the tv against the firestick remote volume not working issue.

Use the on-screen instructions and then check whether your tv is responding or not. You also need to come into the advanced settings and then press the home button. Still, you make sure the IR and HDMI-CEC options.

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Reboot the Amazon’s Firestick to solve firestick remote volume not working issue 

It would be best if you rebooted the amazon firestick tv with the streaming stick. Following the proper procedures to fix the variety of problems forgets a better experience also, including the volume glitches.

It also had some alternative options, such as scrolling down and pressing the My Fire Tv and then making the restart process in your device.

Power Cycle of your Amazon Firestick

It was an easy and efficient way of tackling multiple types of issues, including multiple volume ones. Make the unplugging option in your fire stick with the power outlet, and you also need to wait for minutes, then plug back in.

Do Manual Pairing Process

It was the complete manual process for amazon’s firestick device. Before starting, you need to disconnect from your tv and follow the coming steps.

First, you need to unplug the firestick and then plugin with the firestick. Then it would help if you also waited for some time then complete the boost the process.

Make the long press, and hold the home buttons for just 10 seconds. On the top of your remote is seems some blinking light. When it blinks three times, then the process is completed.


I hope that this article gives a better idea for solving the issue of your remote control volume issues. Follow the above simple steps, then gets the better results. Finally, the firestick remote volume not working issue is very easier to resolve with these techniques.


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