WiFi on LG Smart TV | You can now get a Network connection on your LG Smart TV by wireless or wired connection. You can get WiFi on LG Smart TV; this article helps you with the steps. The Method to get a Network connection to your LG Smart TV is in this article; read it to the end.Get WiFi on LG Smart TV How - Step by Step.

When connected to WiFi, LG Smart TV can get you access to the internet where you can download the streaming apps and use them to watch your favourite shows. You can get internet by connecting to WiFi or through an Ethernet cable.

About LG Smart TV:

Based on the types of smart TVs produced by LG, they are categorised based on the,

  • Category:
  • Screen size: 32-43 inch, 43-50 inch, 50-65 inch, 65-70 inch and above 70 inch.
  • Resolution: 8k, 4k, FHD.
  • Features: 
  • Smart TV: LGThinq, webOS, Google Assitant, and Amazon Alexa.lg smart tv

LG TVs come with LGThinq, webOS, Google Assitant, and Amazon Alexa, making them into smart TVs. LGThinq and webOS for smart TV are made by LG itself.

How to go to the WiFi setting on LG Smart TV?

Follow the steps to go to the WiFi setting of your LG Smart TV,

  • Press the “Smart” button on your LG remote.
  • Scroll down to the “Home” menu.lg tv reomote
  • Hold the “Settings” button for three seconds on your magic remote.
  • Then select Network and then WiFi Connection.

With these steps, you have arrived at the WiFi setting on your LG Smart TV.

How to Get WiFi on LG Smart TV?

You can get WiFi on your LG Smart TV by following these methods and following their steps. The methods are,

  • Connect to a Wireless Router/Access Point
  • Hidden Network
  • Connect using PBC
  • Using PIN
  • Advanced WiFi Settings.

How to Connet to a Wireless Router/Access Point?

  • Open TV Settings.
  • Go to Network/Connection settings.lg tv wifi connection
  • Select the WiFi connection option.
  • Wait for some time to let the TV search for available WiFi networks.
  • From the search result, select your WiFi Router.
  • enter the password If the connection is password-protected.

LG Smart TV is now connected to a WiFi network with the following steps.

How to Connect to a Hidden Network?

  • Go to TV settings.
  • Select WiFi connections
  • Click on the Hidden Wireless Network menu.
  • Enter the correct Network name and password to connect.

You have to enter the correct network name and password for the hidden network; otherwise, WiFi does not get connected.

How to Connect to WiFi Using PBC?

  • Go to the WiFi connection page on your LG Smart TV.
  • Select “Connect via WPS PBC”
  • Press the WPS button on your WiFi router/access point.
  • LG Smart TV is connected to the Internet on which you press the WPS button.

This method is possible only if your device supports the WPS function.

How to Connect to WiFi Using a PIN?

  • On your WiFi connection page, select “Connect via WPS PIN.”
  • Click Start, and the TV displays a PIN.
  • Enter the pin on the WPS PIN setting of your WiFi router/access point.
  • Your TV is connected to the wifi router/access point to which you have entered your WPS PIN.

How to Connect to WiFi Using Advanced WiFi Setting?

  • Go to advance WiFi settings and check your WiFi connection status.
  • Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if not connected to DNS.

How do you get a Wired Internet Connection on your LG Smart TV?

  • Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN port on your WiFi network router.
  • Connect the other end to the LAN port of the LG Smart TV.
  • Press the “Smart” button on your LG remote.
  • Select settings and press ok.
  • Go to Network Connection from Network.
  • Select Start Connection.

Your LG Smart TV automatically connects to the internet through the wired network.

Note: If any of these methods did not work, then you can request a service by clicking this link https://www.lg.com/in/support/repair-warranty/request-repair-sign-in


How to Create an Account in LG?

Go to the official website of LG, on the top right corner you can find a Person icon next to the cart icon, click on it. You can either Enter your email address and password or use the “Sign in with Facebook” or “Sign in with Google” option to create your LG account.

Can I Track my LG Order?

Yes, you can Trach your order by clicking on this link https://www.lg.com/in/shop/sales/guest/form, after which you have to enter the details asked and click continue.


With this article, you can now connect WiFi to your LG Smart TV and access the internet. The different methods to acquire WiFi are given and if you have any doubts you can get in touch through the comment section. Thank you for your valuable time on this article.

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