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Your Firestick suddenly reboots while streaming series like Vampire Dairies on Smart TV. Won’t you get upset? If the firestick reboots once alone it might be ok as it may be by mistake. But what if keeps restarting often, then there is something you should do about it. If you are installing something say an update and Firestick restarts again. That is the messiest part as your data goes in vain along with downloaded Update and you have to download it all over again. In this article, you are going to know about the tricks to fix Firestick keeps restarting.

Issues possible in Firestick

Being it any device it is always prone to hardware and software malfunctions. We also get updates from users that there are also Firestick Issues. Obviously, Firestick is no exception to this. Common issues encountered are Screen Freezing, No signal in Firestick, Firestick Keeps restarting, etc. If you are installing something say an update and Firestick restarts again. That is the messiest part as your data goes in vain along with downloaded Update and you have to download it all over again.

Firestick keeps Restarting

Firestick keeps Restarting- Why?

As mentioned earlier Firestick is also no exception to hardware and software malfunctions. Most of them can be solved very easily without much stress. However, the Firestick rebooting may be due to a lot of reasons like unpredictable Power supply, Faulty HDMI Cable or Adapter, Software malfunction, etc.

Basic Fix for Firestick Reboot issue

Be it any issue or due to any reason, there are always basic troubleshooting hacks to fix. First, try those and see if it solves your issue.

1) The first step would be to unplug the Firestick from your TV.

2) Now Turn off your TV too and try to reboot it after 30 seconds.

3) Plug back the Firestick and wait for it to load on your TV.

4) Finally, restart your stick to see if the issue is fixed.

After trying these basic hacks, if it doesn’t work then it’s time to try another fix exclusive to Firestick keeps Restarting Issue.

Ensure to use Official Firestick Accessories

In general, firestick comes with its own accessories so instead of using whatever is available to you, prefer Official Accessories. Use the Power cable and the cord that comes in the firestick box as they are more compatible with the device. Connecting to whatever cable or power cord will result in an unpredictable power supply that may lead to a Firestick Restarting issue. It’s simple logic any electrical device is always advised to be used with their own accessories.

Use a Good Power Adapter

A power adapter is a foremost component in any device as it may damage the entire device itself. A faulty Power adapter damages your device so always a good one. By default firestick comes with a 1amp adapter, try using a 2amp adapter if Firestick keeps restarting often. Just like USB and HDMI cable try replacing the power adapter too but always a good one.

Replace USB Cable to fix Firestick keeps Restarting issue

Every Micro USB cable is it for a Smartphone charger, Power banks, and also Firestick comes with a short life span. So if you are using a USB cable for a longer period then consider replacing it as it may be the reason for the Firestick reboot issue. As USB Cable is prone to wear and tear, it should be in perfect condition to provide a good power supply to the Firestick.

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Try disconnecting other HDMI cables

Make sure that your TV has multiple HDMI Ports if so find out whether all the ports are occupied by different devices. Plug the firestick into another HDMI port than the previous one. It is also much possible that your other HDMI port is interfering with the signal of Firestick’s HDMI. Hence the Firestick keeps restarting. It may be because not all the TVs support Multi HDMI functionality well.

Turning of HDMI CEC device control option

HDMI CEC Device control option is like a driver that controls your Firestick and at the same time, it may hinder firestick’s performance also. CEC device is only responsible to control your TV using a remote. Isn’t that great? Disable the CEC and check whether it solves the Firestick restarting issue.

Follow the below steps…

1) Go to the “Settings” Of your firestick to disable the HDMI CEC Device control feature.


2) Select “Display and Sounds” in-between Applications and Network.


3) Under Display and sounds choose “HDMI CEC Device Control” next Second screen notifications and disable them.


Firestick System Update to fix Firestick keeps Restarting issue

Try Updating your firestick as at times this simple step will fix all your problems in a go.

) Launch Firestick and hover “Settings” in the main menu.


2) Under the “System” and click “About” to check Firestick’s firmware version.

about Firestick keeps Restarting

3) Select “Check for Updates” next to “Apps” under the about sub-menu.

updates Firestick keeps Restarting

If it has any latest update available, it will begin to download automatically. Once the update is downloaded it will install the updates as you click “Install System Updates”.

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Wrapping Up

We really hope that one of the above solutions fix your Firestick keeps restarting issue so that you can resume your videos without any interference. Do let us know which solution worked well for you.

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