Nowadays, streaming services are had a fantastic place in the user’s hearts. In the olden days, these services are only accessible on smartphones only. But now you have to access these services on your Television with the help of the firestick. Yes, in this way, the firestick allows the users to access the streaming services on your tv; it converts your standard tv into a smart tv. Here, we were going to discuss how to connect a firestick to wifi connection.

Requirements for your wifi connection 

The fire tv devices are also present with the wireless streaming process of your box. It does not need a wireless router and other network capabilities for the streaming services. It also means that the wireless router mainly provides the wireless network connection, satisfying the streaming services requirements. The internet connection is also faster, supporting the how-to connect firestick to the wifi requirements issue. Some of the extenders also provide a better connection to the users.

Steps to Follow to connect the firestick with wifi

With the help of some simple steps, you easily connect your firestick with the wifi connection. The television and wifi connection is enough to enjoy your Television’s streaming services.

  • First of all, you need to connect the firestick with the tv and your proper power connection. Then go to the settings option on the top of your menu bar.
  • When you reach bars, just get involved in the settings options on top of a bar, and then you also need to collaborate with the Network.
  • Still, you select the home wifi network and enter your bar’s network password. Now you are ready to connect with the wifi connection.

How to connect the Amazon Fire tv with Television?

The firestick is connected to the HDMI port on your Television, right. After making the connection, you turn on your Television to ensure your connection is right or wrong. Furthermore, you also need to connect with the correct source to get the proper connection.

Connect your Firestick with the Power Source

When your TV has an open USB port, you directly connect the tv with your included adapter. The user also needs to connect the firestick with the micro-USB power cord with the plugging options on your firestick. Another end connects to the USB cord, including the power adapter. The open power outlet also connects to this process.

Furthermore, you need to include the adapter and plug the firestick directly with your power outlet. It gives the pop-up message which says how to connect firestick to wifi without insufficient power.

Select your Settings in Amazon’s Firestick 

The directional buttons are also available in the remote right, placed at the top of your home screen. And it also selects the settings on the far-right of your options on the top of your screen.

You also need to press the home button on your controller in the home many when you present it on the home screen. It considers the button with the outline menu bar. In addition to this, as a firestick user, you also need to know the updates of the firestick with this reference Latest Firestick Updates

How to Select the Network?

Now, we were going to select the network settings in your options. It is also considered the second option presented with the wifi signal. It also uses the directional buttons of your remote. Here, you need to highlight the network option with yellow and then press the select button on the centre of your remote. Furthermore, the firestick automatically starts scanning your nearly located networks. After the selection, now you able to make the connection with the firestick.

Choose the Preferred Network with wifi connection.

Here, you will connect the Network with your nearby network connection, and it also uses more directional buttons your highlight the remote. It also uses the directional buttons. You need to select and press the selected buttons in your centre option.

When you see the preferred Network, you also need to select rescan at the bottom of your list. When you prefer the Network hidden option now, you can join with another network when you want to connect.

The preferred Network is also involved with the hidden option you need to involve in it. If you do not have the protected password for your home, you automatically attempt the connection. Now, you press the home button of your remote and then return with your firestick’s home screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do when you get no signal on the firestick?

The no signal message describes that there is some problem involved with the cable connection of your external device. Furthermore, you also disconnect the HDMI cable with your tv, moving into another alternate port. You also need to plug the device back again with the power device. You also need to change the tv and other new HDMI input in this process to resolve issues.

2. What to do cannot access the internet, but wifi is connected?

It was another common problem with your firestick, and here you need to give the select+ play button for 5 seconds to restart the device. When quickly restart the device and go to the settings options. Come with the restart, then you easily unplug the power cable for just 5 seconds, then connect back again. The internet persists, and it will automatically restore.

3. How to solve amazon firestick constantly optimizing?

It means that the firestick is unhappy with the power sources, and it also involves the OEM cable and then the power adapter. You easily succeed with swapping and USB cube adapter with the different micro USB cable, which stops these annoying messages for the optimizing process.


To sum up, this passage explains the more essential details about the firestick features and its techniques. When you are stuck with the how-to connect firestick to wifi issue, you need to know the wifi network and its other types of features more straightforwardly. The wifi network also had the fire stick to make a better connection.

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