Amazon’s Firestick was one of the trending devices in today’s technological world. It also gives a helping hand to enjoy the streaming services on your television. We know the remote control is essential for using Amazon’s Firestick, but we sometimes forget the remote control. At this time, you are never able to access this Firestick. Despite this, we will talk about “how to connect firestick to wifi without remote control in this article.

Connect Amazon’s Firestick with wifi without a Remote (Use HDMI-CEC)

In this method, you need to have two smart devices and two smartphones. And it was a confusing task for many people. Once you understand patiently, then it is an easier task for you. As well as that, the straightforward procedure is our HDMI-CEC principle.

  • You need to download the third-party online app stores with your remote for Apple TV, Smart TVs, and more. These types of remotes work with universal and all types of TV.
  • These compatible remotes had a better bond with the basic principle of HDMI CEC. We know that our TV also comes with an HDMI port for connecting with the remote.
  • The CEC stands for Customer Electronic Control, and it also allows the bonding with a universal remote to the TV via HDMI port. Furthermore, you need to check the availability of your TV before making the “how to connect firestick to wifi without remote” process.

Make the connection between Firestick and wifi with Echo Dot

Another more straightforward technique is to use the two-device method with the help of Echo Dot.

Firstly, you need to re-establish the Fire tv stick connection, and then you might be using the echo or Echo dot with smartphones or other tablets.

When you complete the attune echo dot of the same network. In this way, the voice commands features are more than enough to control the fire tv stick. It also helps for tablets or smartphones’ initial configuration, and you can quickly know “how to connect firestick to wifi without remote“.

How to connect Firestick to wifi using Smartphones?

With the help of your smartphones, you quickly make better bonding with the Firestick with your television without the remote control. Here, we know amazon gives a lovable handy fire tv app. you can install and use in your Firestick on your tv.

The hidden clauses described that the Firestick might be only connected with wifi but not to your smartphone’s internet. To solve this problem, you need to have two smartphones or tablets.

This method is also suitable for connecting with Amazon’s firestick tv and other smartphones with the same wifi connection. The following steps explain the more straightforward steps for connecting with a firestick to wifi without the help of a remote.

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Things to follow for making Smartphone connections:

  • A smartphone with a hotspot needs this method, not only the regular hotspot; otherwise, a similar password needs for your home network. The closet bonding between the home network and Firestick gets a better convenient connection.
  • Take the second smartphone or other tablet and download the Amazon Firetv app.
  • Now was the time to connect the second device with your fire tv app for the local network and enable your hotspot. Check your phone is connected with Firestick and install the app to better connect with the first smartphone’s network.
  •  Now, you have to see the second device is to control the Firestick. Now, you connect the amazon firestick with your tv. Here, the second device now acts as the remote control.
  • As well as that, when you want to change the wifi previous network connection, another option is available for you. Select another wireless connection with a second device then you quickly change the connection.
  • Furthermore, it comes up with the Fire tv settings and network section and enters the proper credentials of new wifi. Another thing, when you connect with the new wifi, it was not long to control another phone because the Firestick does not come in a similar network.
  • When you move with the second phone with a new wifi connection, it is considered the regain access to the Firestick.
  • Finally, when you complete the entire process, there is no longer for your mobile phone, which gives the initially served hotspot.

How to use Universal Remotes on Firestick?

Universal remotes are another more straightforward technique for connecting with your television without the help of the remote control. Here we discuss some exciting things behind the universal remotes.

  1. If you do not have a remote control, universal remotes first come to mind. It acts as one of the best replacements for the physically remote control. Besides, it did not need lots of terms of your money.
  2. Some of us have not been interested in purchasing these remotes online; at this time, you might be getting from the electronics store’s stock that gives the original Firetv stick remote.
  3. In addition to this, many modern and trending remotes are also available in the market. These had more added features like a volume button and voice commands with better functionalities.
  4. When you have a newer Firestick remote, you need to make the pair without the help of the old one.

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Use the Firestick wifi connectivity without remote

In general, the Fire TV sticks not presented with any buttons, and it does not use other types of navigation with the interface. It would be best to have remote devices for seeing the applications here. It also gives a hand to browse other types of apps.

  • When you misplaced or broke the fire tv stick remote, the best way is to invest your money to buy a new one. Furthermore, you have to buy a new or other universal remote based on your wish.
  • In this way, the MI remote and other Mi Remote app also helps to control your Fire tv stick in more straightforward ways. In addition to this, Xiaomi users also had the Mi remote application, which is the default on smartphones.
  • Moreover, this application works with better IR blasters on your mobile phone using the Fire TV stick, which clarifies “how to connect firestick to wifi without remote“.


To sum up, I hope that this article helps you understand “how to connect firestick to wifi without remote” without the help of the Firestick. If your tv is not intelligent with the HDMI CEC option, you might be moving up with another method like universal remotes or Echo dot. With the help of the above methods, we easily connect with the fire tv stick with a wifi connection.

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