Firestick TV was the trending term in the online market with its unique streaming content. To access the Firestick, you need to have the proper internet connection and remote. Despite some times, we did not have the remote, and a few methods give the hands to handle your Firestick. Yes, in this passage, we talk about how to use firestick without remote.

How to handle the Firestick with the TV remote and CEC?

There are different types of methods available for accessing the Firestick without the help of your remote control. But still, we were going to discuss some of the few techniques which give better results.

How to use the TV’s Remote control on Firestick?

The TV’s remote control also acts as the best replacement for the firestick remote. It was a workable trick when you lost your remote. This technique is involved with the modern HDMI standard system. The CEC is explained as world-level HDMI and abbreviated as Consumer Electronics control. It also had the transmit control with the better user inputs of the HDMI cable. CEC is more capable with the help of the receiver and soundbar. It was collaborated with the unbroken chain control from one tv to another fire tv stick.

Enable the CEC capabilities, HDMI input and other needed ones. When you successfully enable the CEC and HDMI input. Magically you may access the Firestick without the help of the remote.

Follow the below steps to make a replacement:

  • First of all, turn on your tv firestick settings, and you need to come into the display and sound options.
  • You also need to scroll down with HD I CEC device control and turn it on. Now, you need to come back to the TV’s home screen.
  • In your tv remote, you need to give the press your settings options. Now find the CEC sett NGS and then make sure CEC is ON or not.
  • Now you need to connect the Firestick with the multiple types of techniques. It also had multiple types of techniques.

Move to Compatible Universal Remote Control

The classic route of universal control is an excellent option with the HDMI standards. Here, it would be best to synchronise all kinds of devices, and it explains how to use firestick without remote. This trick is called the one remote effect, and when it involves the brute force option.

This option helps pair the single device to another device with remote control functionalities with your smartphone. In other words, this process is called the Logitech Harmony intelligent control process on your fire tv. It is also expandable with any audio or video device.

Classic universal remote options also require the controllers and hub. The fire tv stick had an IR receiver with built-in functionalities, and it also makes the remote easily access the many types of devices. And the traditional controller had the IR blaster to send some commands.

Sideclick to Add Multiple Functions on Fire TV remote

It was quite a simple option to use the multiple types of options. And the firestick tv had multiple types of remotes and fire with the better mentioning techniques. And it is also considered a clever device with clicks with the amazon fire tv remote, and it also has more buttons with more functionality process of how to use firestick without remote.

We quickly purchase the amazon tv remote in the play store also. And it also had the receiver, IR based home theatre equipment with the universal remote. The IR blaster is considered a super simple setup available in the existing remote.

Involve with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

With the help of some obvious and other paired devices, you could easily control the fire tv with the regular tv remote. The regular tv remote is OK, and I also had an amazon account with the Alexa voice assistant. It was the inbuilt option, and you could control the Firestick through voice control. It was the more suitable and workable option with the paired devices for controlling the fire tv stick.

The adds on is another fantastic option for the amazon firestick tv. It was the embedded service with the Amazon ecosystem. As well as that, it was an incredible device with more themselves, and it also had more sense for controlling the fire tv stick. When you feel your channels get older, using the remote control options forgets more help.

Now you might complete the setup operations for using Firestick without the remote. In this process, you need to enter the Alexa app in your app and then select multiple tabs. Now that you come under the Alexa preferences t select tv and video. Furthermore, your needs to press the fire tv on the list of options. Furthermore, you also need to make the link with your Alexa device and then follow the screen instructions.

Reset the Firestick without Remote

Then, you quickly reset your amazon firestick, and you also can control the Firestick without the help of the remote. In this process, you need to navigate; you also connect with the HDMI CEC and the Amazon Fire TV app. After that process, follow a few steps.

  • Firstly, you need to open the settings options in your forestick menu displayed on your home screen. And you also had access to your device settings or pressed the home button of your remote for a few seconds.
  • Now you might need to select the device on your setting options. Newer devices are named My fire TV and are also considered the older ones, which is called the device or system.
  • Still, you need to scroll and select the factory reset options and enter your pin. These processes make the initial setup of your fire tv. With the help of some fewer instructions then, you efficiently complete the entire process.
  • During the process, you do not need to unplug the device and wait for some of the time when you complete the reset operation. This process will take some time until the progress finish, and then the further options are happening quickly.
  • The reset process is not complete. Otherwise, it has some different processes. The user needs to press the back button and another right part of the directional buttons. It was a simultaneous process like the Firestick will be reset, and you get the confirmation message with the pop-up screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What am I do when I lose Remote control?

There are different types of solutions; after that, you lose your remote control. But the most common technique is to use the alternative it explains incoming lines. Just download the amazon fire tv app on your smartphone. And it also replicates the functions in your physical fire tv, which includes voice control. These kinds of apps are also applicable to iOS and Android platforms.

2. Is it possible to control the Amazon Fire tv without a remote?

Yes, it is possible to control your Firestick without the help of a remote. some most reachable methods are:

  • Use the previous generation AMAzon firestick if it is available
  • Use the Bluetooth devices such as a keyboard or mouse
  • Install the Amazon fire tv app on your smartphone.
  • Move the TV remote when the tv supports HDMI-CEC.

3. How to use the Phone as the firestick remote?

It was a pretty simple technique to use the smartphone as the firestick remote. Just download the amazon fire tv app in your google play store or other apple app store. Make the connection between the wifi network and firestick tv to get a better paring process.

Last words 

At last, this article gives a better explanation of how to use the amazon firestick without the help of the remote control. These methods give a helping hand in resolving “how to use firestick without remote” problems.

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