Optimizing System Storage and Applications

Nowadays, digital devices play an essential role in the entertainment industry. In this way, the Amazon Firestick is one of the incredible devices for enjoying streaming services. Unfortunately, sometimes, your firestick updating process shows a “firestick optimizing system storage and applications” error when you are enjoying your streaming content. This article has to see the best and more straightforward solutions to avoid these errors.

Optimizing System Storage and Applications

Why the Amazon’s Firestick keeps Optimizing?

Before jumping into the solution, you must understand the major causes behind this error.

  • Check your power adapter: When facing this error, you also need to check your OEM power adapter or another original adapter. These are the primary common reasons while facing this error.
  • USB Cable: On the other hand, the error may be present in your USB cable. Yes, like the power adapter, the USB also causes this error. When your USB cable does not come up with your Firestick, you are also facing these issues. Then avoid using the old, damaged or other frayed ones.
  • Power source hook: Last but not least, Check the bonding between the Firestick and power source hook. It was related to your hardware devices like malfunctioning tv port, Incompatible TV, and corrupted Firestick firmware. Avoid sharing multiple devices when connecting with Firestick.

Make Cold Restart of Firestick and TV

In general, the temporary glitch of TV communications and  Firestick resulted in this problem. When you perform the cold restart, you might quickly solve this problem.

  • First, unplug the Firestick device from the power sources and your television. After the unplugging of the power source, remove the power cables of the power source.
  • Power off the modem/router or other accessories, and remove all power cables.
  • Now, patiently wait for 5 minutes; then, you might be plug back the router’s power cable.
  • Still, you might power the router, and the lights are stable. Then it was time to plug back the TV’s power cable and then put the power on it.
  • Plug the Firestick and power with all proper connections without any loose.
  • Wait some time to get the proper bonding with firestick and system storage; then, you have to finish.
  • If your status bar reaches the end, then put the long press on the home button of your remote. Now, you are surprised that the firestick optimizing system storage and applications optimizing system storage issues are gone.

Connect Firestick’s Original USB cable and Power Adapter

Our Firestick needs more power to complete the update process than the other operations types. Use other third-party devices when Firestick corrupts with these issues. With the help of uncomplicated steps, you might efficiently resolve these issues. Let’s see.

firestick optimizing system storage and applications
Firestick optimization
  1. Firstly, power off the Firestick and TV.
  2. Remove other 3rd party power adapters and cables from Firestick.
  3. Now, connect the USB cable and stock charger to the Firestick.
  4. When you receive the optimizing system storage message, you might complete the process. After that, make more updates with the Firestick.
  5. Finally, check whether the Firestick was working fine or not. When you do not find the stock charger or cable, you might use the 2.1 Amp USB power source.

Plug Fire TV with the wall outlet on firestick optimizing system storage and applications

If you are receiving the firestick optimizing system storage and applications message multiple times, it does not have enough power. Now, it describes the USB port on your tv as not supplying enough power.

To avoid this issue, connect the FireTV and your wall outlet with a power block. And also, make sure your power block gives sufficient power or not.

5.25V, 1A, and 5W were general generations of firestick utilization of your power supply. When you receive the same problem after these steps, replace the micro USB cable.

Resetting Firestick with Factory Defaults

Sometimes, the latest failed update corrupted your Firestick’s firmware, which showed the optimization on the storage loop. In this case, resetting Firestick gives a helping hand to solve this problem.

  • In your Firestick remote, press/hold the back key with the right navigation key of the Firestick for 10 secs. Then it said that reset factory set the confirmation box and then press the reset option.
  • Now, wait some secs when completing the reset process; you need not press any keys on your remote during the process.
  • If the Firestick present with the factory defaults, it was explicit for the optimizing storage loop. If the issue was continued, use the older tv, then use the HDCP stripper to make the firestick work with your older tv. Moreover, As a firestick user, you also need to know the updates by referring to the Latest Firestick Updates | Help Guide.

Make Soft Reset on Amazon’s Firestick

When you see the error for longer than 10 minutes, make the simple restart with your Firestick. Furthermore, make the long press and hold the play/pause and select button simultaneously for more than 15 seconds. You were alternatively unplugging or replugging the power cable in your firestick optimizing system storage and applications.

Facile ways to Factory Reset with Remote Buttons

we have also discussed the soft reset and power issues, but the factory reset gives the best solution for you. It does not need access to menus or others. You need to play with the remote button method.

1. Put our finger on the “Right” ◑ and then hold for 15 seconds, holding the “Back” ⮌ on the directional pad. When you receive the message, then reset with factory defaults.

2. When receiving the message, press the left on your directional pad and then press OK. Now the system might be automatically reset. Moreover, the factory reset takes more time, so you patiently wait for better results.

Final words

Firestick stuck took more time to resolve, but with the help of the above guides, you got rid of these issues. This article gives clear and facile ways to solve the “optimizing system storage and applications” errors on firestick optimizing system storage and applications. Hope you these methods give a helping hand to solving these issues.

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