Nowadays, Amazon’s Firestick plays a significant role in the market. Because of its attractive features are catches lots of internet users. In this way, the amazon firestick has more popularity with its streaming services. But the Firestick not turning issue is the most common issue in amazon firestick. Here, we will also discuss fixing the amazon Firestick not turning on issue.

Why is Firestick Not waking up?

There are many reasons behind this not turning issue, but the most prominent reason is the non-functional port. Sometimes, the users are mistakenly connecting the Firestick to the non-functional port. Make sure that you are connecting to the perfect place or not. Another best way is to connect to the other HDMI devices. Otherwise, try to use the other alternative ports.

Now we were going to talk about some of the few fixes for solving the firestick turn on issues. Let’s see how to resolve the firestick not turning on issue.

Unplug the Firestick from the Power source

This fix is quite simple, but it gives the hands to come from this problem. Here, you need to unplug the power sources. In general, the Firestick gets the power in two types of ways. First of all, you need to plug it directly into the wall outlet, and another step is to plug the USB into your tv.

Make the simple unplugging step with your Firestick and wall from your tv. This process depends upon your setup operations.

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Cross Check your Entire Connections

You need to check all types of connections with the HDMI and other connections. Also, check the power outlet and other plugs in your connections. It seems unnecessary, but you also paid for every sec of entertainment on Firestick. Then you are only responsible for fixing these issues.

Give the perfect input on Firestick.

It was another common issue on firesticks for giving inappropriate inputs. Here, make a reset on your tv and Firestick and then double-check all of your connections. It comes into the tv and HDMI port with your firestick plugging option; make the proper connection with the Firestick.

We also see something written on the HDMI port which indicates the connecting option. Note this number, then grab your tv and remote. Doing this step multiple times gets the perfect response from your tv. At last, you may see your Firestick working well.

Move to other different HDMI ports in your TV.

Unplug your Firestick on the usual HDMI and then use other different types of ports to get the connection. It also had the reconnecting option for getting better results. A TV remote is needed to use for the corresponding channel.

Use Another TV with your Firestick

The users need to move to another tv or other devices to get better results. This method indicates some problem with your tv but not on the Firestick. Once you solve the issue on your Television, the significant issues are gone. Just move to another tv and make the same options, then you get better results.

Change your cable or Power Adapter.

It would help if you used the cable to connect with the USB port and the outlet with your tv forgets better power. USe the perfect cable for getting a better connection. Most of the time, the power adapter and cables fail. Make sure that you use the perfect cable or not in operation. After completing the process, switch the power adapter and other sources to get better results for solving the “firestick not turning on” problem.

Make some Adjustments for the charging tab on your Firestick

The users also make this process when they notice some errors on your Firestick. It was adjustments; yes, make some adjustments when you receive a firestick turning problem. It is called the physical alternation in your Firestick. The fantastic thing is that many users said that this fix gives the best result to us.

If you are not getting good results with the above fix, the coming fixes will help you quickly resolve this issue. Before moving into the fix, the firestick not turning on the problem had the impressive option. You may move from one tv to another, and you can also use it anywhere. It also involves the wear and tear that adds to this function with the charging options.

The charging tab comes inside the Firestick, and it sometimes gets flattened. When you grab the paper clip or other knife, open it more gently and take time as 30 seconds. In this process, it does not needs more power supply. Just it needs pretty enough power.

Our main goal is to flush or flat the lower metal plate, and it does not need to be present in the centre. Just a slight position is also enough. The user also needs to take some time to do this process. Not put too much pressure or prying to snap this piece right off.

When you perform the tab adjustments, make the plug with your Firestick back, then see what the process is going. We hope you enjoy this fix when you get good results.

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Choose the New Firestick

The new Firestick gives you better results when you try all types of fixes on the above. It was moving to another one; yes, sometimes, we cannot find the right reasons for these issues. Then you need to choose the best types of devices.

There is a much more comprehensive range of options also available in the market, and then you need to choose the right one to get better results. They give good results and give better suggestions and ideas to you. If these options are not workable, then you move to Amazon support.


Coming to an end, I hope that these fixes give better results to you for resolving this “firestick not turning on” issue. When you get this issue, don’t panic; follow some fixing steps to get rid of this issue quickly. Here, we discuss some of the most famous fixing techniques that give you better results. These fixes are already proven, and it also gives excellent results to the users.

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