Facebook on Firestick: Among the top social media platforms, Facebook takes the first seat compared to others because it was the first familiar social media that connects people worldwide. So this article helps you get Facebook on Firestick. Explore the digital world by joining groups, communities, and Pages on Facebook.

Facebook on Firestick

Using the internet, Facebook connects people to friends worldwide. Where being online, you can make group chats, video calls and private chats by using Facebook messenger. Since it is freely available on Amazon Firestick, you get it from the App store.

With online friends, you can compete by playing games. It provides the watch section where you can get the trending, recommended, short clips and everything. By following celebrities, you can know their new release, updates and their daily schedules. More importantly, you don’t need any subscription plans to use Facebook as it is totally a free app. All you need is a Facebook account.

Supporting Devices

Facebook is supported by all devices that include

  • Android TV
  • iOS devices
  • Firestick device
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TV’s
  • PC
  • Smartphone
  • And so on

Impressive Features of Facebook on Firestick

  • Sustain your friend’s list by hovering over the Privacy settings
  • Where being online, you can make group chats, video calls and private chats by using Facebook messenger
  • Share your photos, videos and status with your Facebook friends.
  • Facebook notifies you to know the comments, friend requests, likes and messages even when you are not inside the app.
  • On Facebook with your online friends, you can compete by playing games.

#1> How To Install Facebook on Firestick

1. Internet connection- Power on your Firestick device and connect it to the internet connection that should be stable.

2. Search for Facebook- Now, by using the on-screen keyboard, start typing Facebook by navigating to the search option on the home screen.

Click Search to install Facebook on Firestick

3. Get or download-  Now click the Download or Get the option to download Facebook on Firestick. Alternatively, long press the Mic button and ask “Alexa” to open the Facebook app. And finally, to log in to the app, you need to launch them.

4. Activation code- On your PC, you can get the “Activation code” on the display screen by going to the Firestick website.

Enter the Activation code

5. Facebook account- Enter the received activation code on the Login screen of the Facebook account. Finally, by clicking “Continue”, you can access your Facebook profile on Firestick.

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#2> How To Use Facebook on Firestick?

Once you installed the Facebook app on your Firestick, then there will be confusion about how to use them. So this section will guide you on it.

1. Apps and channels- As we already mentioned, once you are done with launching, get into the home screen of Firestick. Now select the “Apps and channels> See all” button. Under this section, it displays all the downloaded apps on Firestick.

2. Get the app – Now, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the “Facebook” app; just highlight them.

3. Move to the front- Press the Menu button once highlighting the app. At the bottom right side, select the “move to the front” option.

4. Home screen – Get back to the home screen and see the “Facebook app” appearance.

5. Log in- Finally, by giving the login details, start using the Facebook app on Firestick.

#3> Alternative Method (Facebook on Firestick)

Here on Firestick, we are using the Slideloading Method as an Alternative to access the Facebook app. Further, you need to use the Downloader app to complete the process.

To get the Downloader app on Firestick, navigate to the Firestick Home screen and download the app by searching it in the search field. On the search box, once you finish typing, it automatically suggests you select the app from the list. Thus, this is the way it makes it easy to get the app.

Search for Downloader app - Facebook on Firestick

1. Settings – Get back to the Firestick Home screen and head towards the “Settings”, where the settings appear like a Gear icon.

2. My Fire TV- In the settings, now choose “My Fire TV” and select the “Developer options” by scrolling down.

3. Install Unknown Apps- Now, by clicking “Install Unknown Apps”, choose the “Downloader” option and “Turn on” it to install unknown apps.

select Install unknown apps - Facebook on Firestick

4. Launch the app – On Firestick, by selecting “Open”, you can launch the Downloader app.

Open Downloader on Firestick

5. Enter the URL-  Hit “Allow” to enter the URL of the Facebook app in the browser and select “Go” to download the file. For the installation process of the Facebook app, click the “install” button.

Finally, your Facebook is connected to the Firestick TV so that now you can stream and watch videos. But the only thing is you can’t be able to browse home feeds as you use them on your Smartphone. Therefore this is the alternative method of Facebook on Firestick.

#4> Using The Casting Method, Watch Facebook on Firestick.

How To Watch Facebook Live On TV? | LG | Samsung | Roku | Etc.

1. Same internet connection – Begin the process by connecting the same internet connection to both devices, Facebook and Firestick. And also, make sure whether it has a strong connection.

2. Screen Mirroring- On your Firestick remote, long-press the home button and click the “Screen Mirroring” option from the notification panel. Once you turn on your screencasting option, it shows you the list of devices where you need to select the name of your Fire TV device.

3. Android device- To screen cast Facebook from android to Firestick, you need first to launch the app on your Android device. After launching, choose any video that you want to cast.

#5> Facebook Watch TV App (Facebook on Firestick)

Facebook has recently launched a Facebook watch TV app based on a VOD service. By using this service, you can watch your videos by linking to your Facebook account. But unfortunately, this app is not available in all countries.

1. Search – On your Firestick, go to the search field and start typing “Facebook Watch TV” by using your virtual keyboard displayed on the screen. If you find it challenging to use the on-screen keyboard, you can use your phone as a keyboard.

2. Download the app – Now, from the suggestion list, choose “Facebook watch TV” and download it by hitting the “Download option”. Once you finish downloading the app immediately launch the app and click continue.

3. Get the code- The verification code has now appeared on the screen. Now use your Smartphone or PC web browser and visit afcebbok.com/device.

4. Enter the verification-  Next on the login screen, enter the received verification code displayed on the Fire TV screen. Finally, start using the “Facebook watch TV” on Firestick by clicking “Continue”.

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The End

Connect with friends and family by using this amazing app. The best choice of this app is “Facebook live”, which allows other people to watch one’s view. For better benefits, I personally suggest you use Facebook on Firestick. And hereby adding all the details about Facebook and their installation we are singing with this article. Thank you.

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