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As we are already aware that it is easy to install apps on firestick. There are many ways to do it such as from the official app store or downloader or ES File Explorer option. Though a lot of official apps are already available in the app store. It is an easy process to download apps from the app store, it barely takes a minute or so. There is also an additional option to sideload apps on firestick that are not in the app store. Sideloading is nothing about installing third-party apps as in smartphones. In this, we will see how to download apps on Firestick

How to Download Apps on Firestick?

The process of downloading third-party apps that are not in the official app store using the Downloader or ES File Explorer is called Sideloading. Downloader is the app specifically designed for Firestick and Android TV Box to download apps. As long as you have the URL of the app you need to download from an authenticated website, the download is done within a minute. You can also direct download from any website without even going to that page by just entering the direct download link in the URL itself.

Download Apps on Firestick

Downloader is extensively used for sideloading third-party apps that are not in the official app store. Once you give the URL and if it is authentic, the download will begin automatically in a minute.

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Requirements to download apps on Firestick

Installing an app on firestick just takes a few minutes, as it that compatible and has well-designed technicalities.

Before we begin this process, we need to do a few things. Let’s see those steps.

To Install Third-party apps, you have to enable Unknown sources as it may less secure and there is a risk of unexpected behavior. So it always is disabled, turn on.

1) Launch your TV and Firestick and Hover to the “Settings” next to the home and apps of your device to install apps on Firestick


2) Under the settings menu, choose “My Fire TV” between preferences and before help, my account.


3) Head to “Developer options” under My FireTV above restart and below sleep.

developer optionss

4) Give Turn on in this prompt for downloading apps on Firestick with a warning that says when you turn on unknown sources to install third-party apps it may be less secure and there is a risk of unexpected behavior.

apps from unknown sources

Downloader Installation to download apps on Firestick

1) Look for “Downloader App” on your firestick search bar to install Downloader on Firestick.

downloader search2

2) Hit “Open” When you see the Downloader on your screen since the downloader lets you install any apps on Firestick even it is a third party or from any website.

downloader open

3) Allow Downloader to access your File Manager on your device for apps installation.

downlaoder access files

4) Click OK on the Quick Start Guide prompt on your Smart TV Screen.


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How to Download Apps on Firestick via Downloader?

Here let us see how to download and install apps on Firestick via the downloader app. Let us try installing TV Zion APP in this step.

1) Click “Home” below the browser and above files to download and install the TV Zion on Firestick.

downlader new

2) Type the URL of TV Zion APK which can be from any website as long it is authenticated and secure in nature.

downlader new Spectrum TV on Firestick

3) As it has fetched the APK from the above-mentioned website your TV Zion APK will start downloading in a GO.

downloading Spectrum TV on Firestick

4) When the TV Zion download is complete, the TV Zion installation will begin immediately and the TV Zion App is being installed.

5) After the TV Zion installation, a Pop Up will show as TV Zion is installed.

6) Since TV Zion is installed, TV Zion APK is no longer necessary so you can “Delete” the APK file of the App.

If the Installation of TV Zion through the Downloader app ends up in vain, then you can try installing it through ES File Explorer App or update the Downloader and TV Zion App.

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Wrapping Up

Downloader app is a very lightweight app of 8MB to 10MB specifically designed to support low specs devices such as Firestick. Using Downloader installing Third-Party apps has never been easier. Downloader is available for free and it is a must app for any Firestick device.

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