Nowadays, the amazon firestick is considered one of the famous trending devices. It also had a more comprehensive range of techniques for increasing the users of this device. With the help of the amazon firestick, you could watch any app or movie show in more straightforward ways. There are different types of trends involved in this process. In this article, we were going to talk about an indication of blue light on firestick remote and how to turn it off. In this way, the blinking blue light is another problem with the firestick remote. It is not a problem; otherwise, it indicates some message to you.

FIx: blue light on firestick
FIx: blue light on firestick

What is the meaning of the Blue light on the Firestick remote?

The blue light of the firestick remote indicates the Alexa button on your remote. This Alexa button pushing and holding process allows you to control the Firestick through voice commands. If you are unresponsive, you need only to hold the home button for 10 seconds. In general, the Firestick remote is working in the usual way. When the blue light is flashing, it says that you press the Alexa button. There are different types of trends involved in that process.

Power cycle problem with Firestick remote

The problem is involved with your fire tv remote, and you might see the blinking blue light. It also had some reasons for these firestick issues with the process completion.

What are the issues with the pairing arise process?

In general, the firestick remote control terminus is involved with the time to time process. It also provides the Battery with the power involvement operation. It does not mean the remote is unpaired or not. When the light blinks on the amazon fire tv, the problem appears only on your screen. There are many effective options also involved in this process.

The issue with the Battery

Yes, some of the time, some blue light on firestick remote issues might involve your battery power. During the process, it caused these problems, and the low remote Battery had a lousy battery terminal. You also need to replace the Battery with the help of some sensible solutions.

Microphone Malfunctions

The Fire TV also had a fantastic feature called a microphone. You can also transmit your voice with fewer instructions on your gadgets with the help of your microphones. When you are not working with the hardware issues or other pause buttons of your remote, you are then involved with some quiet process. Furthermore, the microphone considers one of the technical issues involved with some essential steps, and it is also more severe to think.

Device Compatibility Problems 

Amazon firestick is also involved with compatible device problems, which helps to improve the compatible issues. When the amazon firestick blinks with blue light, it displays these issues. It is not enough to prove your connection then; it also increases problems with that blue light on firestick remote process.

How to fix the blue light on the firestick remote?

Sometimes, the blue light on firestick remote is quickly gone with simple techniques. Otherwise, you need to follow relatively easy processes to solve this blue light on firestick remote problem.

  • First of all, you need to unplug the firestick TV. It takes some batteries out from the remote for 30 seconds. Plug the fire tv stick is also back into the monitor and tv for reassembling your remote.
  • Plug the fire tv stick with your tv or monitor, and then it reassembles your remote. Pair your remote again, and you also need to hold the home button for 10 seconds. Then the light starts the blinking process with the multiple types of features.
  • You need to pair the remote again and hold the home button for 10 seconds until the light blinking process. When the light stops the blinking, the remote begins another functioning process.
  • Still, you need to restart the device, hold the play or pause button, and select the button for 5 seconds. On the other hand, when you call amazon support and other replacements.

Simple ways to remove batteries of remote

With the help of some simple steps, you quickly get rid of the blue light on firestick remote. Remove the batteries from your device and then disconnect all kinds of processes from the tv and your power cable.

And then you need to wait for only 20 seconds, then make the reconnect your fire tv stick. When your devices are booted up, you need to place the batteries in your remote control.

Now, you could press the hold and home button for just 10 seconds. The resetting option is also involved with multiple types of processes. Finally, you have to fix these blue light on firestick remote issues with simple techniques.

Use the Alexa Button Trick 

The Alexa button trick is another more uncomplicated technique to solve these blue light on firestick remote issues with the lesser time. It uses some of the few cases that take less time to solve. Press the back button then your light stops blinking. Some users said that this process works temporarily, but it does not indicate to the users. For more details, refer to the troubleshooting guide to better understand.

How to unplug the Firestick?

When the light is still flashing, the remote has the bit for the trouble figures with the correct settings for every kind of work. You get some simple struggles in the starting process after going sometimes, and then you are quickly involved with this process. After unplugging the device then, you need to wait for 30 seconds. It was a better chance for everytype of the process with the indication of blue light on firestick remote process.

Make the repairing your remote and device.

In this blue light on firestick remote process, your need to repair the other devices. Blinking blue light is only for some of the rare causes only. Now, you hit the home button and then hold it for some 5 seconds only. It might be involved some usual pattern with a few repetitions.

Replace your batteries on the Firestick remote

When your firestick batteries are damaged, they also involve different issues. You also need to check the batteries and then make some replacements. Furthermore, remote battery failure is one of the most common errors in the market. And the remote Battery is also considered one of the common issues involved with multiple users.

  • First of all, you need to give the side flip button on your remote’s back and remove it. Then get the new Battery, and connect the remote in perfect order.
  • Make the pairing with your devices, and it also involves the different types of issues. It also involved a more comprehensive range of steps in the replacement and resolve blue light on firestick remote process.

How to Pair the Firestick remote with Amazon firestick?

The non-pair process of the remote is also involved with the amazon firestick problem. Here, we also recommend linking your remote with your devices. You also could join in the process when you face this blue light on firestick remote problems. Follow the below steps to make better bonding with the amazon firestick.

First, you need to connect the Firistic and turn on the power. And you also need to move and make the close with your tv and then give the long press and come back with the home buttons. Furthermore, you also need to do this process for 10 to 20 seconds. You are ready to release the other process when the Firestick remote is un-paired. Still, it would help if you turned to make the pair and follow the further steps to solve blue light on firestick remote.

How to pair the Alexa voice remote?

First of all, you need to unplug the Firestick or fire tv remote for 60 to 70 seconds. And then you might press and hold the left button, the main button and then the back button for the 12- 15 seconds for the same time.

  • Now you need to stay in this process for 10 seconds only, and you will remove the Battery from your remote control after plugging it with the firestick tv remote.
  • After this process, you need to hold the 60 to 70 seconds again. Now you need to put your Battery for took again with your remote.
  • When you complete the process, you need to press the home button when you see the blue indication. It happens continuously, then express that your remote is involved with some technical and blue light on firestick remote problem. Here, the blue light told us that we are at a good pairing with your remote successfully.

Maintain your remote with a cleaner

Yes, cleaning is another essential process in operation. It would be best to clean the remote regularly and quickly finish the procedure with the cotton ball. Some of the time, you need to pause the Alexa voice button. It also causes blue light on firestick remote and the dust, which helps to find the screen had some problem with the amazon firestick. It also expresses that it needs extra attention with more hygiene. Likewise, the users also facing the restarting issue on amazon firestick, if you face this just refer to this link How to Fix Firestick keeps Restarting Issue: Detailed Guide to resolve the issue.

Final words

To sum up, there are different things involved with the blue light on firestick remote issues. With the help of the above methods, you could quickly solve these issues. Understand the reasons behind the issue and efficiently rectify the problem. Follow these quite simple techniques then you will quickly get rid of this blue light on firestick remote problem.

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