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About Crunchyroll: 

Crunchyroll, which was developed in the year 2006, is considered as one of the popular websites available online in the field of entertainment. This video streaming platform is widely preferred for watching animated movies and Asian dramas mostly developed by the Japanese. The Crunchyroll website consists of millions of subscribers all over the globe since it gives a marvelous experience in watching animated shows for free. However, one of the major drawbacks is that the customers had to watch the videos along with many ads that cannot be skipped which in turn spoils their viewing experience. The Crunchyroll users can create a free user account to keep track of their watching history but these annoying ads in between make its users look for ad blockers. This article mainly focuses on providing solutions to block ads on Crunchyroll. To know about them read the article further. 

AdBlock on Crunchyroll: 

The only way to get rid of the advertisements occurring in between is to use ad blockers. The AdBlock is compatible with Firefox, edge, safari, iOS, and android. Using adblockers on Crunchyroll you can block ads on any website. The following are the set of instructions to be followed to get AdBlock on Crunchyroll. 

  • Open the internet browser and visit the website, AdBlock. 
  • Then select the button ‘Add to Chrome’. 
  • Now, click the button ‘Add extension’, so that it is installed successfully. 
  • Further, go to the Crunchyroll website and select the extension ‘AdBlock’. 
  • Finally, select the option ‘Block Ads’, to block advertisements on the site successfully. 

When the AdBlock is not working on Crunchyroll, follow the steps below to update the AdBlock extensions: 

  • Open your browser and select the options menu present on the top-right corner of your screen. 
  • Now select the option ‘more’. 
  • Then choose option extensions. 
  • Further, switch on the developer mode. 
  • Finally, click the button ‘update’. 

By doing this your AdBlock extensions will be updated and it helps to remove advertisements on Crunchyroll. 

Adblock Plus on Crunchyroll: 

Apart from the AdBlock, many types of ad blockers can be used on Crunchyroll to get rid of annoying advertisements. One of the famous ad blockers available on the internet is the AdBlock plus. This AdBlock plus is compatible with all the browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc. This AdBlock plus ad blocker can also be availed free of cost from the web. The following are the set of instructions to be followed to install AdBlock plus on Crunchyroll. 

  • Goto AdBlock plus website. 
  • Press the button ‘Download’ to get the AdBlock Plus extension. 
  • Click the button ‘Activate’ to enable the ad-blocking feature successfully on the Crunchyroll site. 

Premium user account to get rid of Ads on Crunchyroll: 

Another way to get rid of the advertisements on Crunchyroll is that the user can switch to the premium account since the free Crunchyroll account comes with many ads. The subscription cost of the premium Crunchyroll account is as follows: 

  • Fan subscription – $7.99/ month. 
  • Mega-Fan subscription (1 month) -$9.99/ month. 
  • Mega-Fan subscription (12 month) – $79.99/ year. 

By subscribing to any of the above plans, the Crunchyroll users will be provided with unlimited ad-free streaming of videos. It also provides its premium users with the facility to save and watch videos offline and also a single subscription can be used across four devices at the same time. Added to it the premium account provides the users with a guest-pass which allows the user’s friends to access the Crunchyroll contents for a period of 48 hours. The following are the set of instructions to be followed to subscribe to any of the premium account plans. 

  • First, open the Crunchyroll website. 
  • Get your account by creating your user login and password. 
  • Once it is created, click the button ‘Premium’, to get the premium subscription. 
  • From the three subscription offers available, choose the plan which you are comfortable with. 
  • Then enter your card details for payment and choose the option ‘start free trial’. 
  • Finally, when a period of 14 days of free trial is over the amount for your subscription will be deducted from your balance. 


Thus, the advertisements on Crunchyroll can be blocked by following any of the above-mentioned methods on your free account. If you are still finding it to be difficult to remove ads on your account, it is better to switch to the premium Crunchyroll user account to experience an amazing viewing experience without the trouble of pop-up ads. 

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