Best Firestick Settings: We all will be familiar with Firestick. Your device has the default settings when you set Firestick for the First time, so all might kept the device without changing the settings. This article teaches you to change settings according to your comfort needs.

Best Firestick Settings

Here we present a list of Firestick settings you can use to change. One by one, we will let you know about the different settings. These steps are most recommended to keep to enjoy its best capability and maintain privacy.

1. Enable ADB Debugging

  • On your Firestick first, and change these settings by enabling and installing from the Unknown Apps.
  • Install third-party apps by enabling the apps from an Unknown source, and then you can sideload them onto the Firestick. Since all the apps are unavailable on Amazon Store, some can be downloaded manually.
  • Use certain apps like Mouse Toggle with ADB Debugging enabled. Turn on this option to connect your Firestick to a computer.

Do The Steps to Enable ADB Debugging.

1. Settings- First, from the home screen of Firestick, access the “Settings” option. You can find this setting on the top side of the menu bar

2. My fire TV- On the next screen, select the option “My Fire TV” to open the “Developer Options.”

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3. Turn on ADB Debugging- Now click on the Unknown Apps to view a list of apps. Turn on this option for the apps to sideload on Firestick.

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Here raise the question of what is the best sideloading app for Firestick. Download the “Downloader app” and turn on the settings by using the above method for this specific app.

2. Manage Privacy Settings And Disable Data Monitoring

Previously Amazon released an update to collect user data and device usage that, by default, enables data monitoring. Moreover, we don’t want our personal data to be read or stolen by anyone as it compromises your privacy concern

Quickly turn off the privacy settings on Firestick by using the following guide

1. Settings- From the home screen, navigate to the settings and choose “Preference.”

2. Privacy settings- When the options are displayed, select “Privacy settings.”

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3. Turn off- Now, turn off all the options that we were given as an image. Make a note that it is up to you to keep “Interest-based Ads” on or off. Considering the safer side, we have disabled the option.

disable device usage data setting

4. Data Monitoring- Click “Data Monitoring” and turn it off, if it was on

3. Change The Amazon Appstore Settings

For a better experience, change a few options in the App Store settings

1. Settings- From the “Home window”, open the Firestick settings

2. Applications- Now, choose “Applications” and open the “App store.”

Do these settings:

  • Automatic Updates- By keeping this app “ON”, it updates automatically when there is anyone. And this works for the apps installed on Amazon App Store and not third-party apps
  • External Market Kinks- For the installation of other apps, certain apps redirect you to their Amazon Appstore through its link. By clicking this option, either choose to “Ask before opening” or “Dont open”.
  • In-App purchases- It is better to keep this option OFF so that it doesn’t end up making in-app purchases accidentally. It is also used as a prevention for kids from making in-app purchases.
  • Manage My Subscription- To manage your subscription go to But there is no need to change this option as a recommendation. It simply asks you.
  • Notification- You can turn off this option if you don’t want to get the “App store” notifications.

4. Change App Notification Settings

Notifications (Fire TV) | Amazon Fire TV

It seems notifications are often annoying, but some apps keep throwing some irrelevant notifications. It is the best way to change these settings to get rid of this frustration because this destroys the overall Firestick and streaming experience.

Thankfully, for this specific app, turn off the notifications. You can do this for apps from Amazon App Store and also for third-party apps.

Do the steps:

1. Settings- One more time, open the Firestick settings to open the “Preferences” option

2. Notification- On the preference, click on the “Notification” settings

3. Do not Interrupt- Turn On “Do Not Interrupt” to disable all app notifications

4. App Notifications– Likewise, for the specific app, disable the notification by clicking “App notifications” and selecting that app

5. Disable Video And Audio Autoplay

The featured content is displayed on your home screen at the top of the corner under the menu bar.

The video and audio play automatically when you leave the home screen for a few seconds. Though it is annoying, you can disable it by using these simple steps.

1. Settings- On Firestick, go to the “Settings” menu and choose the “Preference” to select “Featured content” on the next screen

2. Turn off- Here, Turn off the “Alow Video Autoplay and Allow Audio” options displayed on the screen.

6. Change The Firestick Display Setting

To experience a smooth and judder-free streaming goes to the Firestick Display settings. But in most streaming apps, this setting works by default. In certain periods changing the settings results in a satisfaction way

Do the steps

Settings- Head towards the “settings” and open the “Display and sounds” option.

Explore The Options

Video Resolution- Choose the desired video resolution and select the “Auto mode for the best resolution

Match Original Frame Rate- At the frame rate of 60 HZ or 50 HZ, Firestick usually works. Usually, a lot of videos are shot at 25 HZ or a lower frame rate. During the playback, if your notice the frame rates are not matching, you can see occasional judder. Turn on “Match Original Frame Rate” to match the native content of the frame rate on Firestick. To make this option work set the “Video resolution” settings to “Auto.”

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  • Colour Depth-  Choose the default settings to support the chosen colour depth
  • Colour Format- Choose the most suitable format by setting it to “Auto.”
  • Calibrate Display- Make your video to full screen for having the best streaming experience. Use this adjustment for the display to format the videos on TV.
  • Dynamic range settings-  Choose “Always HDR” and “Adaptive” to support HDR.

Bonus Tips

To keep all the browsing and streaming activities hidden, you can use them to protect your privacy. Considering the privacy concern when streaming with Kodi, Free movies or IPTV, even though the above guide helps you safeguard your privacy from the government and its partner still, you are exposed to ISP. Hence to overcome this problem, use ExpressVPN on your streaming services. And it comes with a 30 days refund offer if you want to discontinue the app.

The End

Finally, we suggest you use these settings on Firestick to change the default settings. To enjoy its best capability and maintain privacy, these steps are most recommended; hence we presented a list of Firestick settings you can use to change.

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